Tony and the Tooth

I have an opinion on why Chase placed the tooth of CoCo in Tony's pant cuff.

When people dream of losing teeth or a tooth its a sign that the person is losing something.

I think that tooth was meant to show that Tony is losing control!

First he lost control of his temper...In all reality, he should of had a sit down with Phil and taxed CoCo for what he did...

2nd he has lost control of AJ. AJ is depressed and suicidal and there is nothing Tony can do to help him. He is no longer a child...he is an adult. Tony has tried his best to help AJ. He's given him numerous jobs and AJ has quit or been fired from them. What more can Tony do?

3rd..Meadow is now dating Patrick Parisi. Tony did not want Meadow's child growing up with more Mafia connections. Plus Tony murdered Pat's uncle. The show has gone full circle with Meadow now tying herself to the mob..

Tony has lost control.

Re: Tony and the Tooth

focker wrote:All i know is, that was the best scene of the episode. Coco definitely deserved that.
I agree. I was surprised at Carmine Jr telling Tony he was out of control. The guy did that to his daughter, and Tony is supposed to call a sit down? Yeah right. Sometimes things like that distract me from the Mob side of this show. Some of it is just stupid.

Re: Tony and the Tooth

speaking of teeth, I rewatched 'walk like a man' (I highly recommend others do the same, there's A LOT going on there that takes on much added significance given the subsequent 2 episodes, even by Sopranos standards)

so anyway, teeth. Chris talks about Kelli getting her 'teeth wet' - ok. move on.... then Carlo has a root canal? something is up with Carlo.

Re: Tony and the Tooth

I did a little research on the significance of "losing teeth." In something called the Dream Dictionary, "losing teeth is a common symbol in a dream indicating a change in the way the dreamer assimilates what is learned."

A commentator says that "Some people accumulate knowledge, never using what they learn. This is wasted energy. To assimilate new ideas you need to "chew" on them. The old ways of considering ideas are out-dated for you and you can look for new ways that are better suited to you now."

This seems to me to be very significant to me in light of Tony's failure to change his behavior following his "I get it" revelation.
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