AJ and Meadow: Together At Last!

What a great scene between the two Soprano siblings in this episode. I can't
remember the last time Idler and Lynn-Singer had a meaningful conversations like this since probably season 3 (the one that focused on the kids). This scene made me realize how much time and nonsense it was for
Chase to waste on Vito being gay and other sub-plots over the past few years. More AJ and Meadow talking honestly with each other before the show ends, please! :frown:

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I enjoyed their scene from Join the Club very much. Meadow was sleeping in her bedroom, or trying to, when AJ busts in without knocking. We got 2 Livia-isms in that scene one from Meadow ("I could have been naked.") and one from AJ ("Poor you".) Nice to see the old lady's pearls have been handed down.:icon_biggrin:
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: AJ and Meadow: Together At Last!

FlyOnMelfisWall wrote:I enjoyed their scene from Join the Club very much. Meadow was sleeping in her bedroom, or trying to, when AJ busts in without knocking.
You're making my point for me: these scenes between siblings over the years haven't had any meaning or depth to them. They were just shallow brother-sister talk/fight scenes, but last night's conversation really showed two young people having a meaningful conversation about personal stuff. Meadow's line about AJ being the most important thing in his parents' lives would seem obvious to anyone that knows Italian-American family traditions, but AJ was so lost in his own way that this revelation basically triggered his suicide attempt. I also liked that, unlike many scenes in "The Sopranos" that tend to be cut short, this one went on for a good long while. It felt natural, and reminded me of more than one similar conversation I've had with my own sister. Hope something like this happens again but with only two episodes left and a ton of unresolved plot points I think we just saw the coda to these young actors' scenes together. :icon_cry:

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Jaimie-Lynn and Robert both have great chemistry together when they are alone on screen. I think that since they've both grown up practically on screen together, they have a common bond offscreen that is not consistent with the other adult actors who've been with the show since the beginning. Too bad we won't see more scenes like the one in The Second Coming.

On a side note- They've both played their characters very well, imho, from the beginning of the series. Granted, they've must have had fantastic instruction by the array of producers as well as Chase. But they've got their characters down- AJ being the spoiled lazy rich kid. Meadow being the thoughtful, strong woman that her parents have nurtured.

Seems to me like these characters definitely resemble a trend in immigrant famililes. For the second and third generation American (Johnny-Boy and Tony) MALES, they tend to be very hard working, family-oriented, and financially successful. The women in these second and third generations (Livia and Carmella) still tend to be old fashioned and non-independent. However--- sometime around the time of the 4th born generation Americans, the male ends up being spoiled by the riches of his father and ends up apathetic and detached from his family, culture, and sense of responsiblity. But somehow, the FEMALES in this 4th generation become successful, hard-working, and independent.

Seems to be very true (on the average) of most American immigrant groups that have come to America since the non-WASPS started to come over.
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