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Re: Episode 6.19: The Second Coming - Grades and General Rev

Good episode, Glad Tony went to NY and kicked that guys ass because he deserved it.......That was weak fuckin with Meadow.....I don't like anyone from NY right now and Phil is one big giant asshole.....I don't trust Carmine either....He might of been playing with Tony about that meeting @ Phil's.....and Phil is like a 3rd grader when he is supposed to be Boss yelling at Tony from behind his window.......

Tony coming home and finding AJ in the pool had to be one of the funniest, I know it was serious but man that made me laugh.....

Re: Episode 6.19: The Second Coming - Grades and General Rev

This episode had something for everybody: more therapy sessions that all season 6 episodes put together, brutal beatings (I so wanted Tony to off Butchie right then and there! :icon_biggrin: ), the first meaningful scene between Meadow and AJ in ages, the friction between NY and NJ reaching a boiling (and quite realistic I might add) point of no return, etc. And kudos to everybody in this forum that had (a) the Walden poem as the source of this episode's title and (b) Meadow's secret date turning out to be the Parisi kid. Going to the chatroom but coming back soon to rate and talk more about this excellent set-up episode for the final two.

Re: Episode 6.19: The Second Coming - Grades and General Rev

I don't know how Tony is holding it together. CAN he hold it together?

I couldn't believe when AJ tried to commit suicide, yet it shouldn't have been a surprise. Drowning yourself.... with a plastic bag over your head? Was that supposed to be some kind of fail safe system? Poor guy.

Carmela telling Tony that AJ's depression comes from his side of the family was a low blow, a horrible thing to say.

What's up with Phil? Is this just a game he's playing, telling Little Carmine that he'll meet with him and Tony, and then having his lackey turn them away at the door? And then, unseen, taunting them from the upstairs room? It seemed a little old-lady-wacky to me.

Great episode. Emotional, difficult to watch. Wow.

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