Best thing about AJ's night in NYC and subsequent move to Tony's custody?

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While each of your posted consequences carries its own delicious fallout for AJ, I would have to elect #3. Artie's "hot-boxes/dutch ovens/SBDs" serve to, confront...AJ with his errant ways and subsequent loss(es). The sweet air of his life with Mother will, by comparison, seem all the more precious. The stinkedness of his new digs is, I think, a great implementation of "tough love" a most primitive and olfactory level.

As suggested by another thread, AJ is not really a junior sociopath (or, more correctly, Conduct-Disordered). If this were the case, we would see fire-setting, animal torture, abuse of property, and bullying. He is a spoiled, soft kid going through predictable adolescent stuff.

Again, this was a tough choice,Fly. But, for me it is #3.

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