Tony crying?

At the end of the scene in which Feech and Tony argue at the Bada Bing, Tony asks himself, "Did I learn nothing from Richie Aprile?" He then proceeds to cry.

What the hell? Why is he upset?

He seems to cry only when his family is in danger (often seen through the usage of animals as symbols), so I wonder if he had some sort of epiphany concerning his relationship with Carmella? LIke: why didn't I just learn from my mistakes--from history--and fix my behavior? We even see in the preview (for the next episode) that Melfi notices a change in Tony's thinking, so perhaps there's some validity to my speculation.

I'm surprised nobody has made a post on this yet. Does anybody have some thoughts?



I still think that Tony and Carm get back together. From the very beginning, I always felt like Tony's only concern was with his family.

His interest and money and other women is very secondary, almost like a vice forced onto him by his profession.

I think Tony misses Carm immensely (his constant "This wasn't my idea in the first place" should clue you in to that), and I think he's going to end up back home.

The crying in his office might have been just what you said. It also may have been a sudden realization that the very family (mafia) that has ruined his relationship with his family (home) obviously isn't worth it. Not when he's constantly watching his back, etc.

Every single blood relative of Tony is feuding with him in some way, and I think the Feech incident brought it all out. Conjuring up Richie Apriel, who was killed by Janice, brought it all to the surface.

Just my opinion...


Re: Tony crying?

shazahaha, there was so much happening in this episode that some of it was bound to get lost in the shuffle. But I definitely noticed T's emotion.

However it started not at the Richie Aprile comment but seemingly in response to Sil's caution (against whacking) that Feech was "well liked". Tony then said, "that too", and then teared up.

I interpreted this as his own sadness that he is apparently far more feared than loved. His bravado to Carmela when she pointed this out to him ("I'm running a business, not a popularity contest") belies the hurt this realization causes him.

Everything we've seen from Tony this early season shows he is in a "love" crisis, if you will. Carmela's rejection led to his doomed and desperate romantic overtures to Melfi. And her rejection compounded his crisis many times over, since she indicted his own capacity to love or care for other people.

Since then we've seen him repeatedly trying to reach out to his cousin. We saw him make amends with Artie and actually invite him to live with him. We heard him give Bobby a marriage pep talk and pledge to do what he could (helping Bobby's income) to improve the already shaky situation between Bobby and Janice. We heard him tell Janice how important these Sunday family dinners were, because that's apparently the only time he still feels part of a family. We saw how injured he was by Junior's stroke-induced, repeated digs at old wounds and how Tony wondered if that hostility was therefore the essence of Junior's real feelings for him.

Heck, I guess you could even say that his moving into his mother's house suggests some pitiful attempt to realize the parental love he never really had. And with Carmela's blunt assistance, he was able to see that even the guys he's bonded with over murder and mayhem for some 20 years fear him a lot more than they love him (although that's far more indicative of their defects than Tony's). So Tony's emotional security is likely at an all-time low.

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Re: Tony's crying

I also noticed that when he teared up Sil had an almost look of disgust on his face. He's not a big emotional person (Sil) and I think he sees this as a weakness in Tony, like his reaction when they found out Tony was seeing a shrink.


AJ's look

That scene where Tony told AJ to go upstairs and finish his spanish homework, AJ gave him a look, and Tony was shocked for some reason, he was almost crying again. You guys remember that?

I think Tony was shocked about that 'stone cold' look because it was some kind of sign that AJ is turning into a different person, he's starting to look alot like himself.


my sil theory

ive had a theory about sil since season 3. i think the feds somehow flipped silvio after he got arrested at the funeral in season 3. sil hasn't been on the scene much since then, and when he has he has seemed distant. i could be way off, but something about him is not sitting right with me lately.


Re: my sil theory

The character of Silvio is usually not on the scene very much due to Little steven touring with Bruce Springsteen. Silvio is the last person who would be a rat. If anything he could be next in line to run the family if Tony is not around at the end of season five or six.<img src= ALT=":evil">

EDIT: You had Tony not around at end of Season 3. We're in Season 5 so I think he made it past that hurdle.

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Tony crying...

I feel that he was crying, because at that moment he knew that he was going to have to remove way or another. In his sentimentality for the older generation, the necessity for removal of Feech, although more and more necessary felt, at the same time, painful

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