feech going out easy - why?

when the parole guy came over to feech and wanted to see the garage i'd bet that feech would take him out. or at least try to because he knew there was no other way for him to stay out of prison. but it appears that he did nothing which seems unusual for a guy like him.
i mean, letting the parole guy disappear what's the big deal? of course the government would link the missing guy to feech but as long as they can't prove anything. still better than just silently going back to jail.


Re: feech going out easy - why?

If it was me I probably would have killed the parole officer and took my chances on the road, after all what would he have to lose? either way he would be going back to prision if he got caught.

However he did live in prision for 20 years and I guess understands that life. Is were options were to either go back to life in prision which he already knew or kill the parole officer and enter a world of the unknown. He choice to give up and return to jail where he will now most likely die.


Re: Feech going out easy

I also found it highly unlikely that a person with Feech's temper would allow himself to return to jail especially after doing a such a long bid. Anyone who has done a long bid (10 or more years) in prison will tell you that if given the choice they would rather die than return. the behavior which was exhibited by Feech in the previous episodes led me to believe that when Feech found himself in the circumstance which led to him returning to prison he would have made the choice to eliminate the parole officer and take his last breath as a free man.<img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/devil.gif ALT=":evil">

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