"Uncle Tony, knock it off..."

Although the opening scene of this episode featured the the two Tonys' reuniting relationship, it also provided a glimpse of Uncle Tony S with his twin nephews (pleading for mercy in the inimitable NJ patois). Admittedly, he was meting out a mild degree of cold water torture with the garden hose. At the same time, we see that really appealing aspect of his nature. I can only imagine, as an uncle, how much fun he would be...not to mention, generous. Later on during one's adolescence, he would be the kind of stand-up uncle who would help in the extrication of some sort of misunderstand with the law... I'm sounding sarcastic, I realize; however, I am earnest. there was something really bittersweet about this scene. I guess it is Tony's duality which is both horribly bitter, then again wonderfully sweet.


You're both right...

Think about what kind of uncle he is compared to uncle Junior. I never thought of this before reading this thread, but were they thinking of this when they made these episodes? Last episode ended with Tony asking why Junior is always so mean and the following episode starts by showing Tony as a loving uncle. I know that the episodes had different writers and directors, but still it makes you think...



Though the episodes do have different writers, every scene in the entire season has been worked out beforehand by Chase and the writers. Sometimes episodes connect. Remember "Pine Barrens", which ended with a piece of music that the next episode began with?


Uncle Jun.

But you all have to remember what kind of uncle Junior was when Tony was a boy, and what kind of uncle he is now. When Tony was young, Junior treated Tony like the son he never had. All the baseball games and playing catch with him every day. Something else to think about.


Re: Uncle Jun.

I thought the same thing when I saw the scene, and when AJ was staying with he, Artie, and Tony B. for the first time as well. He seems like he would be a fun dad to have as well.

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