Re: "it's indigestion"

You all certainly make a valid point. It could have been chest pain related to heart disease.

But my feeling that it was a panic attack was based on (1) the fact that chest pain and heart-attack like symptoms are often also classic symptoms of a panic attack (trust me, I have inside info on this one, LOL) and (2) the fact that he reluctantly admitted to Carmela after she stared him down that he had recently had a full blown panic attack. His attacks have usually come in clusters and have ranged from fleeting twinges to full-blown attacks where he passes out, so this fits the history.

As for why he would have been reluctant to admit the recent recurrence of panic attacks to Carm, consider he was attack-free for 2-3 years. I don't think he would want her to perceive that their separation has caused him so much anguish or psychological stress that the attacks have returned.

He can't even admit that to himself. Notice in his apology letter to Melfi, his P.S. was "I'm doing fine", which was after the incident in the kitchen with Carm and obviously after the full-blown attack he spoke of.


About T and Ade

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Now where in God's name has this Tony and Adriana nonsense come from, anyway?!? After four seasons, all of a sudden Tony and Adriana are having a fling?!? Where could that possibly have come from?!?<hr></blockquote>
If you really want to know about this, read the spoiler-section. I have my own theory about this, let's see how it plays out...


Re: Ade/Silvio/Tony

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Everybody gave a serious look around when Feech made an "off-color" comment to Adriana about "one of her twins" falling out of her dress, right in front of Christopher. Now what Sil and Ade were talking about, who knows?<hr></blockquote>

I didn't get this at first, but before I finished watching, I think I got it.

Feech was being too familiar with Ade. He was always playing the big shot. An egomanic, I think Sil called him. Sil didn't like him, and he went to talk to Ade to make her feel better because she didn't like Feech's comment.


Re: you're wrong i?

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>so feech called little paulie and benny KIDS and that they were coming out...coming out where?...couldn't the KIDS be a reference to Adrianna's breasts? what makes you so sure he wasn't talking about them? <hr></blockquote>

Paulie and Benny, young guys, KIDS. Feech said "If we need anything else one of the kids will come out" meaning out of the office, into the bar area. Yeah?


The "kids"...

IMO the "kids" remark referred to Little Paulie and Bennie. Feech mindlessly indicated that if anyone needed anything, one of the "kids" could essentially act as (his) errand boy. It was this Feech comment later (obliquely) referred to by Silvio, when Silvio was ranting with Tony about how arrogant, and presumptuous Feech was (my words; not Silvio's). Tony replied sympathetically and supportively of Feech. Silvio, however, was indignant and frustrated by Feech's "entitled" behavior.

Feech definitely was admiring of Adriana, but even he would not have gone so far as to suggest in front of Chris or Tony, that one of her "kids" would come out...


First Four episodes.

In rewatching this episode it really doesn't play that well. It's a big let down after episode three. The honeymooner hotbox scene is lame, the cardgame is boring and Carmela said pretty much the same things to AJ as she did to Medow, the wedding scene, the bride running out into the parking lot -- please -- plus no Junior and no Paulie ('cept that awful laughing scene). Though it's still better than eps two. (maybe the worst of all 5 years) Ep one was good too.


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