Re: Alright

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I am still betting 95 percent that Tony and Ade are screwing around next week.<hr></blockquote>

I don't buy this, if you mean "screwing" literally here. There are very few women that I think Tony would consider off limits, but Ade is one of them. Besides which, he's never shown even a modicum of flirtation towards her in the past, which in my mind confirms that he considers her off limits. Just like I think he would never screw Sil's wife or Rosie Aprile (back in the day). Heck, he was even guilt-ridden for screwing Ralph's goomar, even AFTER the goomar broke off with Ralph and even though he hated Ralph.

Now some of the preseason promos did show Chris throwing what looked to be a vase of flowers at someone who looked like Tony, and he was dressed in the same shirt that he was shown in in next week's promos, so that scene is probably coming next week. So I agree that Chris might be p.o.'d at Tony, and maybe he PERCEIVES there is some wrongdoing. But I can't believe his perception is accurate if it involves sex between Ade and Tony.


Ade And Tony

HBO had some cool pictures up on There Wallpaper, but they quickly took them down. Who knows if the Ade and Tony thing is true. I agree it is completly out of nowhere, but I still think it's going to happen. I was thinking about these first four episodes, they remind me of when Season Three was first airing, I remember, each episode airing through the first six, thinking that the one after, was better than the one before. The Livia one, Fortunate Son, Employee Of The Month, Another Toothpick, and then what I thought was the best of Season Three, University. I think that University, and Army Of One are the best hours of Season Three. I was thinking about this season, and this seems to be the first season where a lot of things that were started early on, have already been wrapped up. It's interesting, because it always seems that by this time in the show, a lot of plots have been opened, just so they can be unresolved later in the season. Also, it always seems that wherever the characters are in the show in the first few episodes, things are completly different by The Thirteenth Episode. A few exceptions of course, Tony and Carm of Season Four, and Tony and Pussy in Season Two.


Re: FBI Agent Killed

Just one more thing about the "killing an FBI" thing -

I remember an Unsolved Mysteries segment back in the 80's where a mafia soldier was wanted for killing a patrolman. Then, a couple of months later, they found the body dumped by the highway somewhere.

It isn't just about the wrath of the police / FBI - it's also about the fact that killing a cop/federal employee on duty is a capital offense, and no one's going to trust anybody not to talk if they're facing a needle in the arm.


Re: FBI Agent Killed

Love it!!!

I must be missing something with Tony and Ade. But Feech did refer to her as T's fling did he not say "my complements"?

Anyway who would have seen the Feech set up coming. I thought they would do the same old thing and just wack him.
I very much am liking where they are taking this stuff with Carm. They empty house, a possible new romance. I am very curious to see where this is all going to end up. I still want to think that Carm will date, and then be disenchanted with that and the constant lonelyness, and she will want her family back. I am giving up doing any more predicting though.... this season could end up anywhere<img src= ALT=":hat">



<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I am giving up doing any more predicting though.... this season could end up anywhere<hr></blockquote>
Me too. It's fun to make predictions, but I don't know if anyone has ever been right about these things. At least I'm not going to make predictions based on promos, those are misleading as hell. I haven't seen the new promo, but I'm pretty sure that it's misleading too.


Tony's Almost Panic Attack

We've seen Tony's panic attacks triggered by a number of circumstances or stimuli in the past: the ducks flying away while Tony is grilling meat; him packing his mother's things away and moving pictures of her off her mantle; preoccupation with Big Pussy late in season 3.

Yesterday, Tony's would-be attack came on as he was talking about lending a drill to Brian. But just a moment before he was talking about smuggling Tony B's sperm out of prison and how "that was the least [he] could have done". That statement implies guilt on Tony's part, which resonates with similar expressions of guilt that Tony manfiests regarding Tony B and then defensively withdraws just as quickly. So I think the botched hijacking that put Tony B away is going to emerge as a major factor in the resurgence of Tony S's panic disorder.

Feech also offered a glimpse of what may be a telling thing: he accused Tony of being "scared" when he and Jackie took down the card game years before. Somehow I'm getting a very vague Jackie Jr. vibe about this whole thing. Don't forget that in the DVD commentary for "Amour Fou", Chase states that Ralph's excuse for not joining Tony and Jackie as planned on the card game hold up (he caught the "clap") was false, that Ralph was in fact just afraid to go. I also sensed a falsity in Tony's glib reference to getting "whacked on the head by two goons" in last week's ep. He may have been whacked on the head, but I'm increasingly wondering if that was intentional to provide him an excuse for not participating in a crime that he was afraid to commit.

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Re: Alright

I think Patsy gets it. Why? I swear I saw glasses on the guy that was being executed in the cornfield, and he had dark hair. I can't think of another dark haired character with glasses.


Re: Alright

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<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Well, Christopher's already killed a cop, in the S4 premiere. No repercussions from that yet...<hr></blockquote>

If I recall, didn't that cop just retire? I think Chris shot him after he came home drunk from his retirement party. Maybe it's tolerable after the cop or whoever quits, retires, etc...

I find it very hard to believe that Ade is getting clipped, but if she gets caught talking to the feds (which I think will happen this season) thats what will happen. Now, for as the guy in the field, it's possible to be Chris, but why would tony be the one shooting him?

Anyway, this is a great season.


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