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Well I'll be the first to say, FANTASTIC episode. It was filled with so much that I know I won't have full appreciation for it all until I've watched it a couple more times. For now I'll just say that the writing on this show never ceases to amaze me.

And Edie Falco was absolutely BRILLIANT tonight. How anyone could not feel for her character is beyond my comprehension, regardless of how much of Carmela's increasingly tragic life is her "own doing". I can think of relatively few characters in television or film history that are as compelling as Carmela, and the value she adds to the Sopranos is immeasurable.


Re: All Happy Families ~ Review

Well, AJ's living with Tony and Artie now. It'll certainly be interesting to see what life will be like for Carmela, living in that big old house all alone--as long as Meadow is away at school, of course.

(Speaking of which, now that Meadow's living in her boyfriend's apartment in NYC, will she even be coming back to live at home at all, or is that her permanent residence now?)

Still, that last shot of Carmela standing in the house all alone was EXCELLENT. It now appears she has little of a family life to tie her down. With the way the kids (and especially AJ) were treating her, though, I can't say I'm surprised that this would have been the outcome. The truth is, neither of the two kids has ever--EVER--shown her all that much affection, from the pilot episode in which Meadow bitterly resents not being allowed to go skiing in Aspen, Colorado with her friend Hunter, up until now. Given the added animosity as a result of her separation from Tony, especially AJ's disrespectful attitude and her inability to control or discipline him (imagine telling your mother "F--k you!" to her face!), this was really the best thing.

But what now? That's really the question now. Her primary role on the show until now has been that of wife and mother, almost strictly. Now both of those roles have been shed. What's now in the works for Carmela Soprano?

Any thoughts, anyone?



As brilliant as the first 4 seasons were (and they were brilliant), season 5 is perhaps the best of them all.

Each episode has rocked so far. Even though the focus has been on the mafia family, the Family scenes have been immense. So much emotion and content is so little lines.

I'd venture to say that we are seeing the best Sopranos we've seen yet.


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I loved tonights episode. I liked the way Tony handled the Feech situation. Butt its not a permanent solution. How long will Feech go away for and what if he some how finds out he was set up??

Next weeks previews were so good. The look on Chris face when he is shooting whoever looks like he may be back on drugs. Or he is shooting Adrianna, or its just the way they set up the previews to make you think one thing them let it be another.

Greatly anticipating next week!!!!!!


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