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    1. Episode 4.01: For All Debts Public and Private

      5 Topics 24 Posts

      Everyone is concerned about money; Tony shares some old history with Chris.

      5 Topics
      24 Posts
    2. Episode 4.02: No Show

      4 Topics 11 Posts

      Meadow, still mourning Jackie Jr., threatens to leave school and travel to Europe; Chris' fast rise causes problems in Tony's crew; Adriana learns her new friend's real identity.

      4 Topics
      11 Posts
    3. Episode 4.03: Christopher

      1 Topics 4 Posts

      Sil is worked up over public perception of Christopher Columbus; Bobby faces a family tragedy just as Junior's trial gets underway; loose lips in Tony's crew are causing problems with Johnny Sac and New York.

      1 Topics
      4 Posts
    4. Episode 4.04: The Weight

      3 Topics 15 Posts

      Ralph's joke about Johnny Sac's wife has major repercussions; Carmela's infatuation with Furio seems to be returned.

      3 Topics
      15 Posts
    5. Episode 4.05: Pie-O-My

      2 Topics 4 Posts

      Tony falls in love . . . with Ralph's racehorse; Carmela is ice cold after Tony refuses to sign an irrevocable trust safeguarding her financial future; Janice takes the lead in the race to become the next Mrs. Baccalliari.

      2 Topics
      4 Posts
    6. Episode 4.06: Everbody Hurts

      3 Topics 6 Posts

      Tony learns of Gloria's suicide; Artie's foray into loansharking ends badly; Chris' drug use is becoming harder to cover up.

      3 Topics
      6 Posts
    7. Episode 4.07: Watching Too Much Television

      2 Topics 7 Posts

      Paulie is finally released from jail on a gun charge; Tony pursues some business ideas with Assemblyman Zellman, who happens to be dating his old goomar; Adriana explores marriage as a way out of FBI cooperation.

      2 Topics
      7 Posts
    8. Episode 4.08: Mergers and Acquisitions

      2 Topics 4 Posts

      Tony claims another of Ralph's female "possessions": his goomar; Furio admits his affection for Carmela to his uncle; Carmela helps herself to some of Tony's money and dares him to confront her about it.

      2 Topics
      4 Posts
    9. Episode 4.09: Whoever Did This

      3 Topics 15 Posts

      Ralph's enduring a family crisis when Tony delivers some bad news from the stables; Junior takes a tumble.

      3 Topics
      15 Posts
    10. Episode 4.10: The Strong, Silent Type

      3 Topics 14 Posts

      Chris' heroin addiction is finally confronted, er, "carefronted"; his mother's one-legged, former nurse inspires Tony.

      3 Topics
      14 Posts
    11. Episode 4.11: Calling All Cars

      3 Topics 8 Posts

      Tony and Melfi have differing opinions on the usefulness of therapy; Tony seeks the help of Carmine Jr. in a financial dispute with his father; Janice makes headway with Bobby.

      3 Topics
      8 Posts
    12. Episode 4.12: Eloise

      2 Topics 17 Posts

      Furio skips town just as Meadow introduces the family to her new boyfriend; a renewed tradition turns ugly; financial tensions with Carmine Sr. mount, but Johnny Sac has a plan.

      2 Topics
      17 Posts
    13. Episode 4.13: Whitecaps

      2 Topics 6 Posts

      Tony surprises Carmela with a new beach home, but she springs a surprise or two of her own; the conflict with New York reaches a pivotal point.

      2 Topics
      6 Posts

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