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    1. Episode 3.01: Mr. Ruggerio's Neighborhood

      3 Topics 6 Posts

      The FBI are watching the Sopranos' every move; Patsy Parisi suspects Tony had his brother killed.

      3 Topics
      6 Posts
    2. Episode 3.02: Proshai, Livushka

      2 Topics 25 Posts

      Tony absorbs some disturbing news; Janice returns home.

      2 Topics
      25 Posts
    3. Episode 3.03: Fortunate Son

      2 Topics 11 Posts

      Christopher adjusts to life as a "made" guy; Tony has a breakthrough in therapy; AJ shows potential in football.

      2 Topics
      11 Posts
    4. Episode 3.04: Employee of the Month

      2 Topics 6 Posts

      Melfi contemplates involving Tony in a personal crisis; Ralph's tactics displease Tony; Janice loses a leg but finds God.

      2 Topics
      6 Posts
    5. Episode 3.05: Another Toothpick

      3 Topics 15 Posts

      Carmela joins Tony's therapy sessions; Junior shares some bad news; Bobby's ailing father performs a final job.

      3 Topics
      15 Posts
    6. Episode 3.06: University

      2 Topics 6 Posts

      A conflict with his girlfriend, a Bing stripper, causes Ralph trouble with Tony; Meadow and Noah's relationship goes through some changes.

      2 Topics
      6 Posts
    7. Episode 3.07: Second Opinion

      2 Topics 4 Posts

      Carmela seeks her own counsel; Tony comes to an understanding with Junior's oncologist.

      2 Topics
      4 Posts
    8. Episode 3.08: He Is Risen

      2 Topics 8 Posts

      Fate presents Ralph with a second chance for promotion, but Tony must approve; Tony is attracted to a fellow patient of Dr. Melfi.

      2 Topics
      8 Posts
    9. Episode 3.09: The Telltale Moozadell

      2 Topics 8 Posts

      AJ is in trouble at school again; Carmela is wary of Jackie Jr.'s relationship with Meadow; some red flags emerge about Gloria, Tony's hot new goomar.

      2 Topics
      8 Posts
    10. Episode 3.10: To Save Us All from Satan's Power

      2 Topics 7 Posts

      Tony recalls the Christmas past when Pussy likely flipped; the handwriting is on the wall about Jackie Jr.; Bobby is forced into an uncomfortable role: Santa Claus.

      2 Topics
      7 Posts
    11. Episode 3.11: Pine Barrens

      3 Topics 18 Posts

      Chris and Paulie find themselves in a frozen wilderness; Gloria's true colors start to show.

      3 Topics
      18 Posts
    12. Episode 3.12: Amour Fou

      4 Topics 14 Posts

      Against better judgment, Tony takes Gloria back; Jackie Jr. makes a major mistake, causing a rift between Tony and Chris.

      4 Topics
      14 Posts
    13. Episode 3.13: Army of One

      2 Topics 21 Posts

      Tony forces Ralph to assume his captain's duties; Tony and Carmela are livid when AJ is expelled from school.

      2 Topics
      21 Posts

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