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    1. Episode 2.01: Guy Walks Into a Psychiatrist's Office

      2 Topics 13 Posts

      Pussy returns after a long absence; Tony's sister, Janice, comes to town; Chris tutors two newcomers in a phony stock scam; Tony tries to return to therapy.

      2 Topics
      13 Posts
    2. Episode 2.02: Do Not Resuscitate

      3 Topics 22 Posts

      Though welcomed back by Tony and company, Pussy continues to work secretly for the FBI; Janice campaigns to care for Livia in the old Soprano home.

      3 Topics
      22 Posts
    3. Episode 2.03: Toodle-Fucking-Oo

      5 Topics 31 Posts

      Richie Aprile, brother of Jackie and fresh from prison, looks to reclaim his lost territories; Meadow's wild partying causes unrest at home.

      5 Topics
      31 Posts
    4. Episode 2.04: Commendatori

      5 Topics 36 Posts

      While in Italy, Tony must negotiate a business deal with an alluring but tough female crime boss; Angie's troubled marriage prompts Carmela to consider the state of her own.

      5 Topics
      36 Posts
    5. Episode 2.05: Big Girls Don't Cry

      3 Topics 10 Posts

      Tony welcomes Furio Giunta to his crew; Chris attends an "acting for writers" class; Melfi struggles with her feelings for Tony and with her decision to refuse him therapy.

      3 Topics
      10 Posts
    6. Episode 2.06: The Happy Wanderer

      2 Topics 11 Posts

      Tony reluctantly lends money to a persistent friend with a gambling problem, whose son happens to be friends with Meadow.

      2 Topics
      11 Posts
    7. Episode 2.07: D-Girl

      4 Topics 17 Posts

      Christopher advises some movie industry folks on the ways of the street, fueling his flirtation with a career change; AJ endures an existential crisis as his Catholic confirmation approaches.

      4 Topics
      17 Posts
    8. Episode 2.08: Full Leather Jacket

      3 Topics 12 Posts

      Christopher renews his life commitments while his understudies, Matt and Sean, grow tired of waiting for their big break; Tony's handling of a gift from Richie fuels resentments between them.

      3 Topics
      12 Posts
    9. Episode 2.09: From Where to Eternity

      4 Topics 28 Posts

      Christopher hovers near death while Tony and company search for Matt; Melfi questions Tony's belief that he doesn't "deserve" hell; Carmela worries that Tony's philandering could produce a child.

      4 Topics
      28 Posts
    10. Episode 2.10: Bust Out

      4 Topics 11 Posts

      While squeezing Dave Scatino for gambling debts, Tony becomes a murder suspect; Carmela becomes infatuated with her wallpaper man.

      4 Topics
      11 Posts
    11. Episode 2.11: House Arrest

      3 Topics 12 Posts

      Tony's efforts to keep a low profile produce some undesirable consequences; Junior renews acquaintances with an old (and female) friend.

      3 Topics
      12 Posts
    12. Episode 2.12: The Knight in White Satin Armor

      2 Topics 6 Posts

      His tensions with Tony reach the boiling point just as Richie prepares to marry Janice; Irina causes problems for Tony at home.

      2 Topics
      6 Posts
    13. Episode 2.13: Funhouse

      4 Topics 19 Posts

      A case of food poisoning and fevered dreams forces Tony to confront nagging doubts about Big Pussy; Tony's emotional reaction to his mother causes an important misjudgment; Meadow graduates high school.

      4 Topics
      19 Posts

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