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    1. Episode 1.01: The Sopranos

      6 Topics 73 Posts

      The show that started it all. Meet Tony Soprano and his two families.

      6 Topics
      73 Posts
    2. Episode 1.02: 46 Long

      3 Topics 33 Posts

      Livia forces Tony's hand regarding the nursing home; Christopher and his ambitious friend cause problems between Tony and Uncle Junior; Tony lends a helping hand to AJ's teacher.

      3 Topics
      33 Posts
    3. Episode 1.03: Denial, Anger, Acceptance

      4 Topics 27 Posts

      Hostilities between Tony and Junior escalate; Jackie's health deteriorates; Tony ignores Hesh's advice and contracts with a Hassidic motel owner.

      4 Topics
      27 Posts
    4. Episode 1.04: Meadowlands

      4 Topics 19 Posts

      Jackie's death forces a resolution to the family power struggle; Tony uses Makazian to learn more about Melfi; Meadow gives AJ a crash course in 'family' history.

      4 Topics
      19 Posts
    5. Episode 1.05: College

      2 Topics 19 Posts

      While escorting Meadow on a tour of potential colleges, Tony spots a mob rat living under a false identity; Carmela shares her innermost thoughts -- and the night -- with Father Intentola.

      2 Topics
      19 Posts
    6. Episode 1.06: Pax Soprana

      2 Topics 24 Posts

      Tony experiences erotic fantasies about Melfi while Carmela's jealousy of their relationship intensifies; Johnny Sac lends Tony a hand in resolving a problem between Hesh and Junior.

      2 Topics
      24 Posts
    7. Episode 1.07: Down Neck

      2 Topics 11 Posts

      AJ's behavioral problems at school cause Tony to reflect on his own childhood and feelings at learning his father was in the mob; AJ innocently reveals to Livia that Tony is seeing a shrink.

      2 Topics
      11 Posts
    8. Episode 1.08: The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti

      3 Topics 48 Posts

      Leaks of impending mob arrests lead to panic among the higher-ups in the DiMeo family while Christopher laments that he's not one of those higher-ups . . . and that his efforts as a screenwriter are even less encouraging.

      3 Topics
      48 Posts
    9. Episode 1.09: Boca

      2 Topics 15 Posts

      Tony considers intervening in a crisis affecting Meadow's soccer team; a sensitive secret fuels tensions between Junior and Tony.

      2 Topics
      15 Posts
    10. Episode 1.10: A Hit Is a Hit

      3 Topics 17 Posts

      Christopher backs Adriana's efforts as a music producer; Tony tries mixing with a new crowd.

      3 Topics
      17 Posts
    11. Episode 1.11: Nobody Knows Anything

      2 Topics 10 Posts

      Makazian identifies a rat in Tony's crew while Tony must decide whether to believe him; Livia helps Junior reach a decision.

      2 Topics
      10 Posts
    12. Episode 1.12: Isabella

      3 Topics 27 Posts

      While in an abyss of deep depression, Tony encounters an alluring young Italian woman; Junior puts his plot against Tony in motion.

      3 Topics
      27 Posts
    13. Episode 1.13: I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano

      4 Topics 29 Posts

      Melfi helps Tony face some hard truths about Livia while Tony plots his retaliation against Junior; Livia shares her own truths with Artie; the FBI make some key arrests in the DiMeo crime family.

      4 Topics
      29 Posts

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