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    1. Episode 5.01: Two Tonys

      36 Topics 300 Posts

      Tony tries to impress Melfi with his softer side; Carmela and AJ face an intruder at the Soprano home; tensions between Chris and Paulie escalate.

      36 Topics
      300 Posts
    2. Episode 5.02: Rat Pack

      46 Topics 371 Posts

      Tony's cousin is released from prison; the FBI investigation intensifies with help from multiple informants.

      46 Topics
      371 Posts
    3. Episode 5.03: Where's Johnny?

      43 Topics 376 Posts

      Tony mediates an intra-family power struggle between Little Carmine and Johnny Sac; Tony and Janice must deal with Junior's increasing dementia.

      43 Topics
      376 Posts
    4. Episode 5.04: All Happy Families

      56 Topics 481 Posts

      AJ's increasing disobedience and disrespect towards Carmela cause Tony to intervene; Tony reminds Feech who's boss.

      56 Topics
      481 Posts
    5. Episode 5.05: Irregular Around the Margins

      61 Topics 558 Posts

      A rumor about Tony and Adriana causes conflict between Tony and Chris.

      61 Topics
      558 Posts
    6. Episode 5.06: Sentimental Education

      38 Topics 454 Posts

      Tony B. and Carmela try to relate to life and people outside of the mob.

      38 Topics
      454 Posts
    7. Episode 5.07: In Camelot

      35 Topics 339 Posts

      A chance encounter with his father's longtime goomar gives Tony a new perspective.

      35 Topics
      339 Posts
    8. Episode 5.08: Marco Polo

      4 Topics 17 Posts

      Carmela throws Hugh a surprise 75th birthday party; Tony B is tempted by an illicit offer.

      4 Topics
      17 Posts
    9. Episode 5.09: Unidentified Black Males

      23 Topics 85 Posts

      Finn gets an eyeful at the summer construction job Tony procured for him; Carmela pursues a divorce; Johnny Sac's loss could spell trouble for the two Tonys.

      23 Topics
      85 Posts
    10. Episode 5.10: Cold Cuts

      4 Topics 21 Posts

      Janice enrolls in anger management classes; Chris feels like the odd man out on a trip with the two Tonys.

      4 Topics
      21 Posts
    11. Episode 5.11: The Test Dream

      25 Topics 71 Posts

      Tony tries for domestic tranquility at the Plaza Hotel but winds up experiencing a long, disturbing dream.

      25 Topics
      71 Posts
    12. Episode 5.12: Long Term Parking

      27 Topics 101 Posts

      The FBI applies the squeeze to Adriana after a murder at her club.

      27 Topics
      101 Posts
    13. Episode 5.13: All Due Respect

      27 Topics 191 Posts

      Tony struggles with his role as a leader and with a difficult decision regarding Tony B.

      27 Topics
      191 Posts

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