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    1. Thank You, FlyOnMelfisWall

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      Before this thing of ours is over, let us take this opportunity to give thanks to Fly who started this place for us to enjoy and discuss.

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    2. "Proshai, Sopranos: A Final Toast from The Chase Lounge"

      10 Topics 157 Posts

      The place to discuss plans and ideas for the New Jersey convention of Chase Lounge members to take place in the latter half of 2007. Input from those familiar with the Newark area is especially welcome. Only members with post counts of 5 or more can "Join this Club" (i.e., gain access to this forum.)

      If you are certain that you will attend, please sign into the Convention Roll Call and be counted.

      10 Topics
      157 Posts
    3. Season 6, Parts 1 and 2, Spoilers/Spoiler-Based Speculation

      127 Topics 1105 Posts

      The place to post any rumor, news article, speculation, or other material purporting to disclose or founded upon plot details of episodes that have not yet aired on HBO. If you aren’t sure whether something is a spoiler, err on the side of caution and post it here.

      127 Topics
      1105 Posts
    4. Season 6, Part 2, Non Spoiler-Based Speculation/Discussion

      65 Topics 713 Posts

      Come here to discuss, speculate about, or propose ending scenarios for the final 9 episodes of the series. Do not post anything that is in any way founded upon a spoiler.

      65 Topics
      713 Posts
    5. Request a Sitdown (Pre-2016)

      30 Topics 301 Posts

      Forum relating to board features or software prior to 2016 migration to phpbb.

      30 Topics
      301 Posts

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