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    1. The Many Saints of Newark

      3 Topics 12 Posts

      Forum dedicated to the long-awaited Sopranos prequel, due for theatrical release in 2021.

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    2. James Gandolfini Remembered

      15 Topics 180 Posts

      A special forum for all memorials and tributes to the actor who brought to life the greatest character in television history.

      15 Topics
      180 Posts
    3. Sopranos Symbolism and Subtext

      88 Topics 1614 Posts

      Come here to unravel the significance of bears, ducks, Frankenstein, A Christmas Carol, the works of Burroughs and Flaubert, and other symbolic and subtextual threads of the Sopranos fabric.

      88 Topics
      1614 Posts
    4. Sopranos in the News

      239 Topics 1448 Posts

      News, reviews, articles, and TV/Internet/radio coverage about the show, its cast, and creative personnel.

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    5. Sopranos Individual Episode Forums

      1084 Topics 16196 Posts

      Detailed discussions of each episode.

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  2. Other Sopranos Discussions

    1. Sopranos Voting Booth

      29 Topics 617 Posts

      Assign grades and issue reviews for each and every episode of the series; submit "best of/worst of"-themed polls and lists.

      29 Topics
      617 Posts
    2. Music on The Sopranos

      98 Topics 433 Posts

      Discuss and ask all questions about music heard on the show here.

      98 Topics
      433 Posts
    3. The Kitchen Sink

      395 Topics 2880 Posts

      For all topics that don't fit better elsewhere. (Includes Sopranos FAQ.)

      395 Topics
      2880 Posts
    4. The Movie Never Ends

      15 Topics 219 Posts

      That's right. Don't Stop Believin'. Forum for fan fiction, proposed future storylines, and speculation on what would or should happen to various characters after the finale.

      15 Topics
      219 Posts
    5. Chase Lounge Archives

      233 Topics 2342 Posts

      Special purpose or obsolete forums.

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    1. David Chase B.S. ('Besides Sopranos' of Course!)

      12 Topics 51 Posts

      I'll Fly Away, Northern Exposure, and The Rockford Files all have one thing in common: the writing of David Chase. Share thoughts about his non-Sopranos television and film work here.

      12 Topics
      51 Posts
    2. Literature and Film

      23 Topics 125 Posts

      If you've read it or seen it on the big screen, talk about it here.

      23 Topics
      125 Posts
    3. Television

      83 Topics 806 Posts

      Talk about other TV shows of interest here.

      1. Mad Men
      2. Boardwalk Empire
      83 Topics
      806 Posts
    4. Satriale's Meet Market

      75 Topics 837 Posts

      Putting the real "lounge" in Chase Lounge, Satriale's is the place to chat with other members about anything not covered by the other forums. Just keep all political discussions civil.:-)

      75 Topics
      837 Posts
  4. This Thing of Ours: Matters Relating to The Chase Lounge and Its Members

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      Every new member must read before posting!

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    2. Request a Sitdown

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      Come here to ask questions about forum features and software, report technical problems, contact the board administrator via email, or otherwise comment about the board itself.

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