what did you think of the soldiers suicide? I found it unlikely. He loved his wife and kid, and although he was frustrated by them, and his desire to retire and get out, I didn't feel he was that far gone. Yes, when the FBI laid out his future lot, he was down, still, I didn't see him as giving up. thoughts?

a friend of theirs


Re: suicide

He knew he was not going to get out and he had to get his son away from his drug connections. His wife wanted to leave and get that his wife can leave and take his son away from the drugs (in Jersey anyway).

You can look at it both ways, selfless and selfish.

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it's realistic

He's had a lot resting on his shoulders lately. He's let down his family (wife) by not being able to go to Florida. I can't imagine wanting to move, leave a "bad" life (it must have been bad--he wanted to go to FLA, and his wife mentioned something about how he's talked about this opportunity for quite some time). Combine that with his frustration w/ Tony and the "Family", the Feds (living with the fact that you're a rat...can't be easy), I think it's realistic for him so hang himself.

Like the poster previous said, it can be looked at as both selfless and selfish.

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