Re: Hard to believe that today marks one year . . .

Completely share both those feelings, Fly. I didn't realize the date until I saw your post; time flies. It's hard to believe he's gone; hard to accept The Sopranos are over and we won't see the next developments in the lives of those characters and, for lack of a better way to express it, surreal or perhaps ironic that we won't see lovable Jimmy in any other dynamic performances.

Re: Hard to believe that today marks one year . . .

Did anyone see this re: Chase's thoughts on the ending?

When he was quoted as Tony's alive, I was stunned. Then there was the clarification today. The ambiguous nature (although I do think he died) makes more sense.

Regardless, I miss JG. I worked at Sony Pics when we make All the King's Men with him. He is sorely missed.

Re: Hard to believe that today marks one year . . .

I thought this was worthy of posting in remembering James Gandolfini. Movie drops next month and seems to be one of few roles James has played reminiscent of Tony. There's actually one photo of him in a scene very similar to the last time he was with Paulie-might even be the same jacket he wore. Kinda put a lump in my throat when I saw it.

Re: Hard to believe that today marks one year . . .

What a beautiful soul. I feel so close to him as a person because Ive watched and loved him in every performance he gave, but as Tony more than any other. He always has this way of infusing a part of his good soul into his characters, even when the characters are not inherently good. He has a lovable quality as a human and its hard to quantify or articulate, but its potency is real. He is truly missed, mostly because we all want to see what he is gonna do next. I miss him too...
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Re: Hard to believe that today marks one year . . .

nik666uk wrote:The scenes in Sopranos where Tony gives the "remember the good times" toasts with his family are now sad to watch for me!

It is very haunting and chilling. Especially in both parts of season 6. Tony makes so many existential comments about life and death, etc. Its hard not feel eerie when rewatching these moments after Gandolfini's death.
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