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Like everybody else, I would like to thank you FOMW for your operating this site and for your's and everyone's input. Sites like this one, with intellegent and sometimes conterversial comments have added to our enjoyment and understanding of this show. Before, we would just talk around the office, school or bar about a TV series, now with the internet, we have another place to discuss our opinioins in real time, and not just of someone in our immediate orbit of life.
I think this site should continue for at least one more year. It will be interesting to see how many predictions and leaks of plotlines were really true to the end. We, and many others, need some 'source' of info on the show as it is in reruns and for DVD purchasers.
In the contniued site, I would also suggest a category something along the line of "What you have wanted to have been different" as to the series. This would offer how we may have wanted the series to be different, as to story
lines, characters and the sort. (I'll discuss that further in another part of the site)

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Just wanted to join in and thank FOMW for this site. I only came across it in March, but have enjoyed it very much ever since. I can't believe this is the end of the series. I thought I knew a lot about the series before joining this site, but ever since I feel like I have learned so much more about the Sopranos that I didn't think was possible. So many episodes have a new meaning and really make me think, now that I have read all the great posts on The Chase Lounge. Thank you all, and enjoy one last run on Sunday Night.

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I'm late with my thanks.

I got into The Sopranos late too, maybe season 3. I rented the previous seasons and, of course, got hooked. Then I needed someone to talk to about it. I'm not as dedicated as most of you in that I don't own any of the DVDs (yet), and most episodes I have watched only once. Yes! It's true! So I don't recall many things, both big and small, from all the episodes. Combine that with a shameful memory in general, and I can be almost hopeless.

Yet here I don't feel unwelcome or a freak. This board has a great group with interesting viewpoints and great insights, and FOMW is first and foremost. Her intelligence, perceptiveness, clarity, and wit are a pleasure to bask in. I also appreciate how fairly she referees any disturbances that intrude on this wonderful board.

So, FOMW, thank you so very much for nurturing this gathering place where discussions of The Sopranos are a treat.

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Fly I have been around since the ez board in season 4 I think. Although my old log in consigliere2004 won't work I had to create a new one because this board is so great. I want to thank you for all the in depth analysis of the episodes and opening my eyes up to the shows. symbolism and clever writing. Today is a very sad day for me. I have never invested so much time and energy into a fictional show, so from the bottom of my heart thank you Fly. This site and yourself has been great. Take care as a lift my glass in the air and salute you!

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Fly, i only started checking out your forum just after season 5 and finally signed up prior to season 6 part 1. Its the best forum, with the best analysis, theories, etc. I used to try and google stories, reviews like the posts on here while all along i could have been on the chase lounge.

dont know how i even came across this great forum but im damn glad i did, just wish i had known about it earlier and i am so upset that i will no longer (after tonite) be able to analise the sopranos - well im sure we will do for a while ha. Anyway, better to have loved and lost than never to haver loved at all!

Fly, again - thanks for this magnificently insightful forum and thanks to the great people who post here. Its been a pleasure.

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Like every other fanatic on this site, i would also like to espress my thanks to Fly. This is actually my first post, i've only found this website a few weeks ago. Being a devoted fan since the beginning of the journey, and i only wish that i had found you all sooner!!!!! Fly, your insights have been more cherished than you will ever know!! Beter late than never, right? So thanks again Fly, and i look foward to your meta-synopsis after we all say goodbye to Tony tonight!!

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FOMW thank you so much for providing this wonderful forum for all the people on here to express themselves. I feel privileged to have been able to read and share opinions with other members. My only regret is that I didn't find you or The Chase Lounge sooner. I hope that in some way The Chase Lounge continues to live on for a long time just as The Sopranos will in my life.

Thanks :icon_biggrin:

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