Re: Who's going to miss Chrissy?

aprilemoney wrote:"The man I'm going to hell for.."

funny how Tony was the one who sent him there

Yeah, he told Tony that he would follow him into the gates of hell. I guess Tony will now follow Christopher there (hopefully) Well I guess Chrissie is at that Irish bar hanging out with Brendan Filone and Mikey Palmice. Maybe "3 O'Clock" will come soon for Tony.

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I hated how he went out, but at least he wasn't a rat. Very dissapointing though, when I would talk to friends about how this whole thing would end even a few years ago, I said Tony and Christopher going out in a blaze of glory together against NY. As the last men standing. I always tought that's how it would play out especially with all of Christopher's lines about, "I'd follow you into the gates of Hell" and "I'm your soilder, Antonio" This was the straw that broke the camel's back at how I view Tony now. It really feels like end after this. Only 3 episodes left. Doesn't seem to be any chance of a movie happening now, without Michael Imperioli as Christopher and probably more deaths to come. At least now I don't have any fear seeing Tony die, if that's what it comes to.

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Christopher Moltisanti - R.I.P

This episode was incredibly difficult to watch. I honestly, was in shock that Christopher died so suddenly and so easily by Tony Sopranos. This episode was important for it showed just how cold and calculating Tony Soprano is. I honestly have a newfound hate for Tony Soprano, and can finally see him for what he is, a criminal scum who would kill his own 'son' for his own betterment.

Christopher sacrificed for Tony, he gave up his one true love Adriana and he was there for Tony's Family in all their situations, including Tony's own hospital ordeal. I will miss Christopher as he was an central Character, his relationship to Tony was classic.

I was just surprise at the ease of the murder, how Tony did not even flinch or even have a shred of consciousness after the fact. Honestly, i hope something terrible happens to Tony, i hate organized criminals with a passion, the Sopranos has always been my guilty pleasure and I want Tony to Pay!!

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I will miss Christopher and his always interesting storylines very much. Same as the rest of the guys he was a thief and a murderer made even more repugnant by his drug and alcohol abuse. He did have a streak of sensitivity that none of the others have shown. (With the exception of Bobby who is sometimes portrayed as a gentle giant, now turned murderer)
Most of all I will miss Michael Imperioli, actor extraordinaire!!

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I will! I really didn't like his character - such a whiner! - but he brought great friction to the story and his unpredictability always kept you wondering what he would do next. In the end I felt his whining was justified. I don't think we've seen the last of his scenes (and no I don't mean he's still alive - just that he still figures in the unfolding story somewhere).

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I was thinking about this the other day. I think that the reason I will miss Christopher so much is because his character has come so far since the beginning of the show. I love looking back at the first season and seeing what a dumb kid he was. Not that I am implying that Christopher wasn’t always a bit of an idiot but we saw a lot of growth in his character. Paulie, Sil, even Tony were all wise and at the top already. Christopher was nothing more then Tony’s side kick and driver in season one. Everything from the way he dresses to the way he acts has come a long way. I found it interesting to watch someone in LCN rise up through the ranks.

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