Re: Who's going to miss Chrissy?

gamecock wrote:I was thinking about this the other day. I think that the reason I will miss Christopher so much is because his character has come so far since the beginning of the show. I love looking back at the first season and seeing what a dumb kid he was. Not that I am implying that Christopher wasn’t always a bit of an idiot but we saw a lot of growth in his character. Paulie, Sil, even Tony were all wise and at the top already. Christopher was nothing more then Tony’s side kick and driver in season one. Everything from the way he dresses to the way he acts has come a long way. I found it interesting to watch someone in LCN rise up through the ranks.

Yes, this is actually what I have always thought! There has been more character depth and change in Christopher than in any other character. He wasn't even made when the series started and moved up to an acting Capo, to being groomed to be Tony's # 2 in Season 4 to becoming a Capo. Not to mention all the Adriana stuff. Everyone else haven't really changed much since the beginning (Sil, Paulie, Carmela) not that they aren't great characters but Chris represented the future of the family and the mob (or so we thought, anyway!) I still remember in the first season when they were dealing with impending FBI inditments and Christopher was actually upset he wasn't mentioned. Then at the end when he got the call his name was in the paper and he went and took them all from the paper machine. He was all excited about it! Just like wanting to know what was going to happen post Adriana, I am interested to see the fall out post Christopher.

Re: Who's going to miss Chrissy?

Van Morrison was also played at the end of Season 5 when Tony gets home from Johnny Sac getting bust. "Shalalala Shalalala Shalalala." Also Tony is singing Comfortably Numb when coming down the stairs in chasing it, so I guess that was some hardcore foreshadowing... Not to mention when Tony first got his surround sound system (Season 4?) he fell asleep listening to Dark Side of the Moon (more Floyd). My favorite band plays a big part in my favorite show, I'm glad I get to see Roger Waters next month, right after the end of the sopranos. It fits the theme of the summer well I suppose. I miss Chris so much, and I never really thought about how the series really did only show Chris really grow. Even another youngster, Benny, has been practically the same character throughout his time on the show.

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