Re: Who's going to miss Chrissy?

Yes, some of use will miss his character, but Chris had played out his part in the series. He could never be trusted again. He was high when he was driving Tony for that meeting with Paul and his boys. Tony seriously rejected Chris since 'Cleaver' came out as to him it was a betrayal of their trust. He put Chris out of his misery, something that Chris somewhat wanted anyway - to die as he couldn't deal with his drugs/booze problems and still be in the mob. For Tony, making sure Chris was dead was to make sure a lot of mob stuff Chris could have ratted out Tony on would never do so.

Re: Who's going to miss Chrissy?

I personally was a huge fan of Christopher. I would even go so far as to say that he has been my favorite character in the show since the very first episode. It was really tough to watch that scene. I wish he could have died some other way. As much as I will miss him on the show I think it was time for him to die. It was painful seeing how bad Tony and his relationship had gotten.

Re: Who's going to miss Chrissy?

I knew he was going to die before the season was over, but I was unhappy with the way it played out. True, he was put out of his misery, but personally, I would have preferred to see him flip and send Tony up for life.

I never disliked Tony as much as I did in this episode. Chase is truly going out of his way to have viewers realize that these are not characters to admire. AJ lost what little sympathy I had for him tonight, and the rest of Tony's crew are repulsive. Since Meadow is the only character in the show that deserves a sympathetic viewing, maybe it's a tragedy that will befall her and bring Tony to the end. Who cares if anyone else dies?

Re: Who's going to miss Chrissy?

Well, it's safe to say Tony won't miss him! :icon_wink:

I agree with others who've said that his character had come to the end of its usefulness - his arc has been played. That said, it was not easy to watch him die that way. I think all of us would have been more likely to think Paulie would have killed him, or drugs - for him to be outright murdered by Tony was a shock. However, in the grand scheme of the show, it makes sense; it's what Tony had to do. I think he's known that for a while and has been struggling with it, which played a large part in his recent downward spiral. That's what Tony meant by falling on the floor laughing hysterically after winning three times in a row at roulette and muttering to himself, "He's dead". It's the biggest load off of Tony's mind since his mother died, frankly.

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