Re: whos the best soldier of all episodes?

biker2 wrote:I would have to agree also that Silvio has been the most loyal follower of Tony's, always ready to advise but then acting on the skipper's orders. He was to organize Richie Aprile's whacking before Janice shot him, unexpectedly. He counselled moderation in the Feech LaManna's affair, etc, etc.
As one poster said, however, he is more than a soldier. At the soldier level, it is hard to find a solid one: from Christopher's drug addiction to Benny Fazio hurting Arthur Buco's business, we see few totally loyal made men.
Furio did well but his infatuation with Carmela disqualifies him, in my mind.

benny has not got his buttons yet

Because Tony would never rule against a made man , remember he order benny to have his father party at arthur place

and arthur would never have the guts to hit a made man

Re: whos the best soldier of all episodes?

mr. spears wrote:Gigi Cestone, in my humble opinion.
I always hated seeing him get clipped.
Are we able to talk about soldiers from NY as well?
If so, Joe Peeps always seemed pretty square. Even when Johnny Sack kicked the holy hell out of Donny K., after his paranoia took over his impulses, Joe Peeps didn't stand idly by, -- he squarely asked John what the hell he was doing, and then broke out of there.

So, Joe Peeps, and Gigi Cestone.

Gigi didn't get clipped, he died on the toilet

Re: whos the best soldier of all episodes?

This one might not be popular, but I say Christopher. Yeah, he's had his problems with drugs, losing his cool and at times questioning Tony's leadership. But when push came to shove, he chose "the life" and Tony over Adriana. She may have not been his wife, but was pretty close. How many other guys would show those loyalties. Christopher talks a good game about his issues with Tony, but that's just because he's a hot head who doesn't always think first.

"I'm your soilder Antonio...I'd follow you into the gates of hell"
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