Re: whos the best soldier of all episodes?

Yeah, I would have to agree with Silvio. He has always managed to keep his personal feelings out of things, with the exception of the Christopher episode from season 4. He struggled with that a bit. But when comparing him to the other soldiers, he certainly has followed orders without a second thought. He has always stood by Tony, and while I am not sure if he is considered an actual "soldier", but more of a consigliere. However, as far as the Adrianna situation, he proved he could do whatever task asked of him.

Re: whos the best soldier of all episodes?

I would have to agree also that Silvio has been the most loyal follower of Tony's, always ready to advise but then acting on the skipper's orders. He was to organize Richie Aprile's whacking before Janice shot him, unexpectedly. He counselled moderation in the Feech LaManna's affair, etc, etc.
As one poster said, however, he is more than a soldier. At the soldier level, it is hard to find a solid one: from Christopher's drug addiction to Benny Fazio hurting Arthur Buco's business, we see few totally loyal made men.
Furio did well but his infatuation with Carmela disqualifies him, in my mind.
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Re: whos the best soldier of all episodes?

Gigi Cestone, in my humble opinion.
I always hated seeing him get clipped.
Are we able to talk about soldiers from NY as well?
If so, Joe Peeps always seemed pretty square. Even when Johnny Sack kicked the holy hell out of Donny K., after his paranoia took over his impulses, Joe Peeps didn't stand idly by, -- he squarely asked John what the hell he was doing, and then broke out of there.

So, Joe Peeps, and Gigi Cestone.

Re: whos the best soldier of all episodes?

Sil is a great character out of the LCN members on the show, but he hasn't had the rank of soldier since early season 2. He is very loyal (so far) and he keeps a level head. That's why he was promoted to consiglieri, as those are the primary qualifications for the position.

I would agree that back in season 1 and early 2 he was one of my favorite street soldiers.

Since then some of my favorite soldiers and/or associates have been: Benny, Joe Peeps, and Ralphie (pre-capo).
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