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Preliminary Round for Favorite Episode Poll

I would like to run another favorite episode tourney but to do so, we need 64 episodes to run. Fortunately for us, but unfortunate for the poll, we have 86 episodes to work with. So what I'd like to do is for you to vote for those episodes that truly deserve to run in this thing.

I've looked at the rankings for all episodes voted for in the favorite season polls and among those, I've picked out those that received 1s or 0s. Among those, we need to winnow off 22 episodes. There are 38 of them, so the top 16 will be included in the final 64. They will then be included in the bracket system that worked quite well the last time. I'd like to include as many episodes as possible so I've allowed multiple voting in this poll. Feel free to vote for as many as you like and the top 16 episodes to receive votes will be included in the voting.

Consider well which ones you vote for to be included, but feel free to give a nod to those you think worthy of inclusion. Once we have the sixteen needed, we'll move on with the top 64. Voting ends one month from now. Enjoy. :icon_biggrin:
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