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madribub wrote:Questions before I vote:

Can we opt to not vote for a particular bracket, or does that throw things off? Also, does the fact that less time has passed between S6 and now give the other seasons a leg up? It almost doesn't seem fair to S6 or the other season's eps. Hope I'm not breaking the flow of voting.

I suppose if you don't want to vote for a bracket, you don't have to. I know some are tough choices, but that's the fun - trying to pick just one. :smile: As for time, it can't be helped, unfortunately. We wanted to make sure and run this as close to the finale as possible so plenty of members see it.
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Re: The Sopranos, "All Time Favorite Episode" - Sweet Sixtee

I copied the brackets and have put my choices in orange. I have to say brackets A and C broke my heart. I feel like Sophie in Sophie's Choice:icon_sad::

Bracket A:
#1 The Blue Comet (season 6b) vs. #16 Proshai, Livushka (season 3)

Bracket B: #3 Funhouse (season 2) vs. # 14 Kennedy and Heidi (season 6b)

Bracket C: #5 The Test Dream (season 5) vs. #12 Employee of the Month (season 3)

Bracket D: #7 Members Only (season 6a) vs. #10 The Pilot (season 1)

Bracket E: #2 Pines Barrens (season 3) vs. #15 Isabella (season 1)

Bracket F: #4 Whitecaps (season 4) vs. #13 From Where to Eternity (season 2)

Bracket G: #6 Long Term Parking (season 5) vs. #11 Whoever Did This (season 4)

Bracket H: #8 College (season 1) vs. #9 Join the Club (season 6a)
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Re: The Sopranos, "All Time Favorite Episode" - Sweet Sixtee

Bracket A: The Blue Comet
Bracket B: Kennedy and Heidi
Bracket C: Abstain
Bracket D: Members Only
Bracket E: Isabella
Bracket F: Whitecaps
Bracket G: Whoever Did This
Bracket H: Made in America

Sorry. But when it comes to Bracket H, I have to reject both "College" and "Join the Club" in favor of a "ballot write-in" for "Made In America". You certainly have my permission to change my vote in Bracket H to "Abstain" if you are unable to handle my attempt to "write in" "Made In America."

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