Re: Most Annoying Character Overall


1. Brendan, (Christopher's friend, season 1) Idiot #1
2. Mikey Palmice. Idiot #2
3. Pussy's wife (and that dog)
4. Benny... (sorry I can't look at him without seeing Doogie Houser.
5. Noah... (for all the previously said reasons)
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Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

There are so many people to choose from. LOL a lot of annoying characters on this show.

I won't even rank them bc it's too hard.

-Noah(everyone was dead on with this guy. What a jerk. Although Tony gave him a reason to be)
-Phil's wife
-Mustang Salley
-Meadow from seasons 3+4
-AJ from season 5
-Eric Scatino (can't stand this kid)
-Richie Aprile
-Ginny Sac

And obviously- Janice (When i saw this thread i immediately thought of her. Although she has gotten better so far in 6B)

Re: Most Annoying Character Overall

madribub wrote:Brendan Falone, Mikey Palmice, Meadow still bugs me sometimes.

With all this Noah talk, I have a question in regards to our Hasidic Homeboy: Did he sleep with Caitlin in University? Or is it at least implied that they sleep together when she comes to his dorm room to 'hang out?'

Yeah I didn't take it that Noah slept with her, but I would have to watch it again to be sure. I think he would probably think he was to good for her to even to that with her. He just seemed that cocky to me.

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