Favorite episodes

i wanted to know where people ranked the first two episodes of season six to your favorite ep. from season past. my favorite ep. is Pine Barrons. Pauile is freaking funny as hell! but the second ep. of this season ranks in my top five, but i wanted to know where people ranked this season so far.

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Re: Favorite episodes

Join the Club is destined to be one of my favorites for sure. I honestly am getting to the point where I find it hard to single out episodes because almost all of them are fantastic and offer something valuable to the evolving character portrait of Tony Soprano. I probably wouldn't want the task of trying to name even a top 10 episodes. But if I had to, the second ep of season 6 would sure be among them.


Re: Favorite episodes

Join The Club
Test Dream
Guy Walks Into A Psychiatrist's Office
The Weight
Whoever Did This

This list as been shortened from my forst draft as I soon realised that I had nearly listed all of them so as FOMW stated, it is almost an impossible task to single out 1, 5, 10 episodes and when all is said and done, i love and appreciate, am enthralled and take something valuable and truly fascinating from every single one of these factions of the composite 65+ (so far) hour Soprano movie <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/wink.gif ALT=";)">

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Re: What is your absolute favorite Sopranos episode and why?

Off the top, I'd have to say nothing compares with the Adrianna whacking episode.

Why? So many reasons. So many great acting jobs. Such an amazing plot twist and turn. Such a great plot idea - to think that Tony could be that smart and that devious.

I didn't enjoy thinking that Ade got whacked. I loved Ade and hated that idea. I still can't forgive that fucking Jamba Juice company who I'm sure was behind it (just a joke for Alice). I still can't figure out what the logic was there. I hope it was because Drea had some fantastic rl opportunity (more fantastic than working with Joey). Otherwise there would have been many ways they could have extended her problem with the feds without whacking her.

It still hurts to think of it. It was such a powerful episode. But it can't be my favorite. My favorite is probably a list of about a dozen episodes with reasons why several groups comprise my favorite among several classes. I'll ponder this some more and may extend this post later.

Another contender for my list would be the episode where Ralph kills his gf. I love the work that actor does. He is so amazing. And where did they find this unknown actress who did such a magnificent acting job?

Is anyone gonna stop me before I run through all the episodes?

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Re: What is your absolute favorite Sopranos episode and why?

<span style="text-decoration:underline">The Ade-whacking episode</span> has to be the most compelling.--In fact- i was staying at a hotel at the time it first aired, and i happened to channel surf to near the end of that episode, and i became so hooked, i knew i had to find out more. So that was the very first Soprano ep i ever saw, and without knowing anything else about it, i could tell how amazing and intriguing she was. The scene among the trees is still etched in my mind. I really hope they bring her back as much as possible in some sort of dreams or flashbacks for the next 8 which i can barely stand waiting for.

After that episode, we went out and proceeded to rent then buy every DVD set we could get our hands on, and watched them straight thru for hours on end! We subscribed to hbo- just due to seeing part of that one episode. HBO ought to give her a big bonus, 'cause she really made the show interesting at that time, and brought in alot of people like myself, i am sure. I found this website and read up alot before i finally became a member, then discovered Chase Lounge ofcourse. You guys are amazing and i have really enjoyed all your posts!

(edited) I was switching back & forth between Chase and Sopranoland since they branch off the same main page, and for a minute i forgot i wasn't posting on Sopranoland - so if anyone remembers that this post included a remark about the former "touchy" nature of the Sopranoland forum, please accept my apologies for any confusion. (I meant that Sopranoland used to be a little touchy, not the Chase Lounge!) Since TheOtherForever took over Sopranoland, it has improved on the touchy nasty digressions and regained alot of balance. But the main point is that the Chase Lounge has always been and continues to be very civil and a wonderful community to participate in.

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Re: What is your absolute favorite Sopranos episode and why?

Without a doudt in my mind "From Where to Eternity" is my favorite. I don't think it's the best. Just my favorite.

All the moral and spritual conflicts coming out of Chris' condition bring forth a lot of depth to the episode . Tony's monolouge about hell,morality,honor, capatalism etc., is my favorite Tony/Melfi scene.

I loved Paulie here as well. That little moment where he takes his girlfriend's kids back to bed was cute for a sociopath. Also, him explaning how Chris saw purgatory instead of hell. HA HA.

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Re: What is your absolute favorite Sopranos episode and why?

Just finished re-watching and my favorite is, without a doubt, S04 E09 "Whoever Did This" from way back in November, 2002.

"Ralph is cast into despair when his son suffers a serious injury; Tony seeks brutal vengeance when beloved horse Pie-O-My dies in a suspicious stable fire."

But the synopsis does not tell anything near the drama of this episode. It has everything!

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