Re: Meadow's "Mystery Date"

hecatae3 wrote:No, no, you don't understand. Lesbians are OK. Especially girly-looking ones.
Plus, Meadow isn't a capo or a soldier. It's apples and oranges, man. There's nothing threatening about Meadow being gay. Not that it would be smiled upon, but the ramifications wouldn't go too much further than some busting of balls.

I disagree. IF Meadow were gay (and I highly doubt it) that would mean, Sal Vitro fertilization aside (I apologize, but I HAD to) that Tony would be denied a blood related grandson from the child he certainly favors to some extent. Also, do you really see Tony just dealing with Meadow being a lesbian? I don't.

I feel silly even dicussing this, but I feel the ramifications of her being gay would be much greater than some ball bustin (pun intended?)
A little powdered sugar and he woulda been done!

Re: Meadow's "Mystery Date"

FlyOnMelfisWall wrote:Jason Barone crossed my mind briefly for the very reasons you bring up, tomahawk. The reason I tend to doubt it is that I'm not sure Jason would want to get any closer to Tony's family after what went down, first with Tony and then with Paulie. Tony wasn't exactly understanding toward Jason after Meadow left the room.

Good point. However, if you wanted to stop the shakedown from Paulie, what better way to do it than hook up with the Boss's (hot) daughter.

Re: Meadow's "Mystery Date"

I agree, Jason Barone makes obvious sense as there is a ton of storyline potential there with what happened last season involving Paulie and such. I just don't think Meadow's mystery date is going to serve as a major plot line to the show in the end, i think they are just trying to come up with something for her character to do.

Re: Meadow's "Mystery Date"

We will see. Of all the major characters, Meadow has not had anything major going on. I think there has to be a major development with her in the final 4 episodes because:

1) She is Tony's pride and joy - for him to hit rock bottom, something has to happen to drive a wedge between him and her or something bad will happen to her (maybe both).
2) I think Chase's major reason for the wedding episode was to prepare for daddy's little girl (Meadow) with a comparison to Johnny Sac / Allegra VS Tony / Meadow
3) The dinner scene from "the test dream" leads me to think Meadow is important to Tony and his decision to leave "the life".
4) The comparison of Meadow to Ade and all that Liz Lascerva has gone through would also be an interesting comparison for the Soprano family.
5) If Meadow were not important, she would have just stayed in California with Finn and we would never hear from her.
6) When Tony turned away from Tony B. and refused to enter the house while in a coma, instead returning to his earthly existence, it was Meadow's voice that brought him back.

She is one of the most important reasons for him living, so he can enjoy his grandchildren. Isn't it interesting that Tony's comment to Phil after his heart attack is to "enjoy grandchildren? Tony doesn't have any grandchildren, but based on the pleasure he gets from Janice's daughter, it's clear he wants to enjoy those days. Blanca's Puerto Rican child doesn't give him the same feeling.
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