Re: Favorite Quotes for Soprano Home Movies

Bobby: The Parker Brothers took the time to make this all uo, and I think we need to respect that.
Janice: Fuck the Parker Brothers, just play the game!

Bobby: This is bullshit! How about I make my own fucking rules. How ‘bout every time I land on one my own properties, I get one-hundred dollars! How ‘bout that?
Tony (Imitating Bobby): How ‘bout that? How ‘bout that?

The entire Monopoly scene was so unnerving and tense, and you could tell from the look on Bobby’s face that something big was coming the entire time. But it was also just too funny!

Re: Favorite Quotes for Soprano Home Movies

Anybody else think it was entirely intentional that at the very start of the show, just before the "2004" screen cuts to the scene between Tony and Johnny Sac, Tony's line of dialogue is "Alright, let's not go backwards here, huh?"

I thought that was a little piece of clever editing, that Tony doesn't want to go backwards with John, while we, as an audience watching a flashback, are forced to do just that.

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