Joe Massino? so what family?

In this episode the fed that rat adrianna is talking to mentions the indictment of Bonano family boss Joseph Massino. He is a real life boss and like previous episodes the mobsters in the show mention their real life counterparts. My question would then be so which family did Carmine run. The only hint that I can come up with is that he was the only old style boss still in place. You have to take out Bonano, Gambino(just becuase of the frequent Gotti and Carlo references in past seasons, also my bet would not be on Genovese just becuase of the Chin being refernced in season one), My guess would have to be Luchesse becuase also in season 1 rat bastard Curto refernced the Colombo war that lasted from 91-92 mentioned it and it seams totally out of character for Carmine to do something like that. The only real life family that has not been mentioned is Luchesse and yes actually it was, by the Henry Hill comment in S1 but other than that.....


Re: Joe Massino? so what family?

Ive pondered this myself; since they do mention their real life counterparts, you gotta wonder. I would say given the great power displayed by Carmine/Johnny Sack (especially over the NJ Family), they have to be the Genovese Family. The Luchese and Colombo Family's are pretty inferior to the other 3 at least from what I hear. Than again, they should be careful on how they mention these real life figures because they can very well find themselves contradicting the show itself.


Re: boss

If they mention these real life figures enough, there wouldnt be any room for people like Carmine or Johnny Sack to even exist. It would be as if they mention the DeCavalcante NJ Mafia; it just wouldnt make much sense now would it? I dont see the point in mentioning real life figures in a world that is purely fictional.


Re: boss

Carmine Persico is the real life boss of the Colombo family...maybe the Lupertazzi (sorry for butchering) Family is the Colombo Family.

It's funny how the show's mention of Massino coincides both with a Time article about him and his upcoming trial.

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