Junior and Carmine's Wake

Did anyone else find it odd that Junior didn't attend Carmine's wake? He knew the guy for years and while on the phone Bobby said the let them know when it was. It is very possible that he went but they just didn't show him. Any thoughts?

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Re: Junior and Carmine's Wake

He's still under house arrest, RF. The trial last year was a mistrial because of a hung jury, not an acquittal, and we heard the FBI guy confirm that the attorney is going to retry him. We also heard Tony talk in Ep 1 about "secret codes and passages", so the terms of his house arrest must have either been renewed or never lost effect.

Carmine is not a relative, so Junior wouldn't be allowed to attend his funeral.


Re: Junior and Carmine's Wake

Well, that's a good point. I forgot about that one.

Perhaps the difference is because of Carmine's status. There are apparently limits imposed on the people Junior is supposed to associate with that were set as part of his bail release agreement, which I presume is why Tony has to come up through the basement everytime he visits. Names like Johhny Sac and others in that circle may also be on that list and explain why Junior avoided the funeral.

Or I suppose it could be that Junior's attorney advised him not to be seen at the funeral of the boss of one of the five New York families, since he has a retrial in front of him.

Or I suppose it could simply be that the only real importance of Carmine's death for self-centered Junior was that it made Junior once again fear his own impending demise. So rather than attend the funeral and be hit head on with this reminder of mortality, he just wanted to sulk alone in his self pity. That is, afterall, why he never went to Bobby Baccala's father's funeral, and Baccala was a lot closer to Junior than Carmine.


Re: Junior and Carmine's Wake

flyonmelfiswall pretty much hit it with those options. I would add only one thing. He backed out of bacala's dad's funeral too because of stomach cancer. A lot of time Alzheimer's patients eventually recognize they are losing it, forgetting things, repeating things, and Junior may have backed out for dignity sake. Just a hunch although I think those fed trial and importance of a boss' funeral (FBI everywhere) that was the main reason.

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