Yet another question! FISH this time!

Ok. What is the deal with all the “fish” references?

-        In the first episode Tony and Carmella are eating sushi
-        In the dream sequence there is the whole issue of the mixed up fish sandwhiches
-        Again its mentioned at the wedding
-        Artie shows fish in their faces during the angie/carm/Rosalie scene
-        Etc

Am I making a big deal out of nothing here or is there some symbolism i appear to be missing?

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Re: Yet another question! FISH this time!

To elaborate on the fish thing, they all refer to being dead. 'Sleeping with the fishes', 'Sleeping on the bottom of the ocean' - killing someone (I guess b/c you throw their bodies in the ocean afterwards). Remember that scene with the Pussy fish in S2? 'These guys lying beside me (the fish), they're asleep you know.' - telling Tony to kill him.

While we're asking questions, lemme get some outta the way:

What exactly is a 'spec' house? Does she mean 'speculative' house? As in she's building it and she'll see what to do with it?

And I don't get the 'pillow-biter' thing - what is that and what's it got to do with homos?. I know about rug munching and all that. And quite honestly, I thought I was a particularly filthy individual, so I should know this stuff <img src= ALT="|I"> - I'm a little dissapointed...

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Re: Yet another question! FISH this time!

In light of the obvious Godfather connection and to echo what others have said, I think fish basically represent the dead. I posted in the first episode thread about how I thought Tony and Carmela dining on sushi was them literally living it up and figuratively "dining on the dead," so to speak. Someone else pointed out that it could be construed as a reference to oral sex; recall Tony teasing Junior about munching box in Season I. The show is so rich that I think both interpretations are valid and probably intended.

And Corrado, "pillow-biter" refers to what a "catcher" would literally be doing while "catching."


Re: Yet another question! FISH this time!

But wouldn't they be used to it? Not needing to 'pillow-bite'? nm - I don't need to know details.

BTW, nice catch on the 'dining on the dead' - I like it.
On the topic of the same things representing death and sex, there's also a similar connection made to this in the Godfather book. I really can't remember it very well, nor whether there was something about it in the movie, but the connection revolved around the use of the phrase 'do the job' (I think that's what it was).
'Do the job' was used interchangeably (I think) to mean either 'having sex with' or 'killing'. I.e. to kill someone was to 'do the job' on them, and to fuck someone was also to 'do the job' on them. I don't remember the incongruency being addressed - maybe its just a peculiarity arising from language translation.


Re: Yet another question! FISH this time!

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>What exactly is a 'spec' house?<hr></blockquote>

A spec house is a home built without a buyer already lined up. Meaning the contractor is "speculating" that it will sell because of other factors. Location, size, price range, and potential buyers are all factors. Yada yada yada, it has a very broad meaning.

If done with a costumer base in mind, you can make a good profit. Sadly,I've worked on way to many of them and know first hand how much money that can be made. My town is full of immigrant workers that actually get fair wages. If you were a building contractor with capital you could exploit this situation. I have family members that make $20,000 a home in cookie cutter neighborhoods. I'm talking homes made on the very very cheap. These houses sell within a month. It's nothing like the home Carmella is building.

From what I get from the show, Carm's project is very different. It's built for someone that has money. Someone that can afford an isolated homestead. It will sell because of it's location. Carm's profit should still be good, as "she" owns the land and has her father for a contractor, but as we all know things aren't going well in this area.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Yet another question! FISH this time!

I made the following point in the 'ANGIE, AND HER INVOLVEMENT' thread, yet feels it warrants inclusion in the discussion here; basically, i saw Arties fish reference, in part, as a subliminal allusion to Pu$$y Bompensiero in some kind of reference in what seems to be a shift in Angie's charachter/morals:


Has anyone else mentioned this...

When Angie was rushing the girls into their menu choice at Vesuvio and when Artie 'presented' the whole piece Seabream fish...the fact that it was a whole fish and so elegantly presented as to make sure we, the viewers, acknowledged it, together to the fact it was specfically framed next to Angie in shot......this had to be some kind of Chase/writer allusion to 'PU$$Y' and his fish manifestation from 'FUNHOUSE' - right?!

I just cannot quite work out if it was done for pure comedic value for us the viewer, in being presented to Angie, Sal's wife, or if it represents a deeper foreshadowing

Giuseppe Soprano


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