"Finn" References

Kev/in Finnerty, Meadow's boyfriend is named Finn, James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake," Finn MacCool, (www.mth.kcl.ac.uk/~tcoole...cool.htm),
Huckleberry Finn," all these connections still have to come together somehow between Tony's unconscious and conscious states of mind.Tony should be taking up his coma experiences with Dr. Melfi.

Kearny, where Satriale's Pork Store is located, happens
to be an Irish-Scottish town.

Tony overpronounced his r's in his coma world (Infinne(r)ty. Carmela was reading a Sue Grafton book called, "S is for Silence," during her vigil in the hospital.(The Code of Silence?)

Now that Tony's awake, his seven deadly sins-embodied followers are in for a rude awakening, as well.


Re: "Finn" References

Monadax, I enjoyed your thoughtful observations. Finn, it seems, makes great gossip. Last week there was a thread called "Fathers and Sons -- Tony, AJ, and Finn." I posted a speculative question:

Do you think that Tony (and Carmela?) might be maneuvering dynastically--hankering to gloss the family with some WASP respectability? A kind of Ralph Lauren play?
P.S. If Finn is not a WASP, please disregard . . . this question. [Posted: 4/10/06 4:49 pm]<hr></blockquote>

Well, last night I read the credits closely and learned that Finn's family name is Detrolio ("You're part Italian yourself," Meadow reminded him, and he replied, "Please, my dad is so deracinated--" "Yeah, the way he prefers it," she says.) OK, he's not really a WASP. But he looks like one.

As for deracinated: where are you going to find a more interesting word in a mob movie?

Here's to Monadax's Finns, Kev/in, MacCool, Joyce, and Huckleberry!

Next coma in Helsinki!

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Re: "Finn" References

There's another important Finn Reference: Phineas Finn by
AnthonyTrollope! :

Last night's Meadow and Finn pot session in bed was "amazing." The two of them trying so hard to
overcome their family backgrounds, either through
'deracinalities' by marrying an Irishman to get rid
of the Italian surname or in Meadow's case, tempted
to do the same thing by marrying Finn, but in her heart,
still loyal to her father, Tony.

Meadow's conflict is the most interesting for the future
of the Family. Finn may have dropped out, like A.J., of
dental school. But he must know that by telling what he
saw Vito was up to in the car with the security guard, that
he was being sucked in to the inner circle of Tony's guys.

Of course, the funniest and most insightful at the same time,
implication during last night's episode, Live Free or Die, is
that any close band of men, legit or not, intrinsically may be homosexual!


Re: "Finn" References

Obviously this has nothing to do with the Sopranos but did you see the name of one of the Duke players arrested?

Collin Finnerty <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/nerd.gif ALT="8o">

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Re: "Finn" References

Sheila said<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Obviously this has nothing to do with the Sopranos but did you see the name of one of the Duke players arrested? Collin Finnerty <hr></blockquote>
Fair enough. This reply has nothing to do with the Sopranos, either, but wuzzup with guys named Colin?

Master Finnerty doesn't like the spelling; he threw in an unauthorized extra l.

The former secretary of state doesn't like the pronunciation; he changed it from KAH-lin to KOAL-un (which is spelled colon by those with the intestinal fortitude to stick with orthodox orthography).

And while I'm at it, what about that MSNBC weatherman Sean McLaughlin! That's Sean as in Connery, 007. Rhymes with dawn. Apparently that's not good enough for The MSNBC weatherman. No, he's Scene McLaughlin!

That's it. I'm done.

No wait:

P. S. to Boss Fly, Capo 72261, Capo Det. H., Capo 00, Capo RD, and Capo 21: Please, please, I beg you, please don't move this post to the Pet Peeves Thread.

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