Fruit and Skin: More Season 5 Symbolism?

In ep 1, Carmela has an apple and knife out on the counter, IIRC, when she and Tony re-enter the kitchen after the ?good looking? ranger guys have left. When Tony enters the house to go on ?bear watch? in the last scene from that ep, right after Melfi has rejected him, Carm is intently, obsessively shining an apple. In ep 5, proximate to scenes of Tony contemplating screwing Adriana, Carmela is sketching a bowl of fruit that prominently includes apples. Tony even inconsiderately picks up one of the apples, takes a couple of bites, then, after disapproving looks from Carm, sheepishly puts the partially bitten apple back in the bowl.

Is there a subliminal message here about ?forbidden fruit?, i.e., unscrupulous/extramarital sex? The ranger is forbidden to Carmela, an apple appears in the next scene. Carmela says all Furio ever did was drink coffee in that same scene, and Tony snaps, ?Now the coffee maker sucks. How do you like them apples?? Melfi is forbidden to Tony (and vice versa), and Carm is polishing an apple with gusto in the next scene. Adriana is forbidden to Tony, and in a surrounding scene, Tony bites but stops short of eating an apple, placing it back in the bowl.

When people on other boards were speculating about the apple significance in ep 1, I thought there wasn?t enough to go on. But that scene tonight seemed to solidify in my mind that this is intentional symbolism.

Particularly adding to this view was the relevant subtext to the conversation when Tony is chomping the apple while Carmela sketches. She comments that drawing the fruit is hard, which prompts his prototypically Tony reply (paraphrasing), "Why do it if it's hard?" That's when she cuts an eye at him and he replaces the fruit.

Is Tony taking first steps to realizing that sexual impulse control may be "hard" but worthwhile because it is "right" or at least because it would likely enable him to regain what he is missing most in his life right now, his wife?

I?m definitely going to keep my eye out for fruit (especially apples) in or around any scenes that involve this issue of marital fidelity.

I increasingly feel that Chase is going to really surprise by how far he will go in probing the question of whether Tony can actually change aspects of his character and behavior and indeed whether he should, for his own survival. I hope to expound on that at length in a future post, but for now I want to comment about one possible emerging symbolic depiction of this question of change.

In ep 1, Tony, in a rare moment of almost poetic speech, tells Melfi he wants her ?skin?. Later he presses and presses her into what by any measure would be a predictable indictment of his character, allowing for the conclusion that he unconsciously set about his doomed romantic pursuit of her in order to hear out loud what she finally told him about himself. In ep 4, he sends her Dr. Hauschka bath products and a bath robe, which Elliot interprets as a subliminal message that he wants to cleanse himself after his profane outburst. But equally reasonable is the notion that these products, per the company?s website, are ?holistic? skincare products that promote healthy skin and aid the skin?s role in ridding the body of ?toxins?. Also in Ep 4, Carmela is reading about botox, a procedure that gives skin a more youthful appearance. And in ep 5, Tony has a squamous cell carcinoma, a skin cancer, removed from his forehead. The doctor thinks he got it all . . .

I can?t help wondering if all this skin business is symbolic of Tony?s desire to shed his old, diseased ?skin? and live life in a new one. In ep 5 he even speaks about ?starting a whole new family? with someone like Adriana and ?doing it right? this time. Anyone else see any skinbolism going on?:-)

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Re: Fruit and Skin: More Season 5 Symbolism?

Another one for the forbidden fruit imagery file...

In "Rat Pack," right before Adriana's maid of honor starts flirting with Christopher in the club, I believe she orders an apple martini!

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