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I think Paulie felt guilt because of his disloyalty to Tony and the crew in sharing family business with Johnny Sacs. Or maybe it was him, not Ralphie who burned the stable for revenge on Ralphie because of the phone call to Nucci.

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Re: The Pie O My Painting: Tony as Napoleon

All of you have some great thoughts about That Painting.

My own take is on Paulie having Tony's image remade into a Napoleonic figure. IMO it was a very interesting choice.

History buffs may recall that the real Napoleon, blinded by ego and earlier successes, campaigned against Russia to add it to his growing Empire. He lost, retreating in abject failure as his Grand Armee was decimated by the fierce Russian winter. He escaped from banishment to Elba; lost his bid to regain power against united European armies at Waterloo; and died in exile on St. Helena, an isolated island off the southern African coast. (For a brief but more detailed look at Napoleon's career click here.)

One wonders if the image of Tony as Napoleon mirrors his own career and destiny as a mob boss.


Re: The Pie O My Painting: Tony as Napoleon

That is an interesting point BakedZiti....It makes you think if Tony was made into Napoleon to compare the two...I don't think so though...Paulie was freaked out by it before he was made into Napoleon...I don't think Tony has higher demands than he should, or is blinded by his ego...although Tony and Napoleon were both like is interesting how Tony was made into somebody like Napoleon instead of a man without such a position.


my take on the painting.

Paulie had been going behind Tony's back to talk with Johnny Sack and not pulling in very much money for Tony. It's likely that that both those things, and especially what drove Paulie to kill an elderly person to get money to give to Tony, started making him paranoid and feeling like he should be fearing for his life. The painting is positioned behind Paulie when he's watching television or just sitting down on his couch, making him uneasy of being looked at by the man that can turn against him if he finds out of the wrongs Paulie's been pulling.


Re: The Pie O My Painting: Tony as Napoleon

Good insight on Napoleon. Actually, in the end, I don't know if Tony was transformed into Napoleon or a generic military leader of that time (remember, the artist said about Tony: "He's too big to be Napoleon."). But it really doesn't matter, because Paulie intended for Tony to be Napoleon, or someone similar.

I don't think that Paulie hung the painting up out of guilt, because he had yet to realize that Johnny Sack was full of it and just leading Paulie on in terms of getting in good with Carmine. At that time, Paulie still felt like "the ugly girl at the dance" (as he said).

Believe it or not, I just think it came down to material appreciation: Paulie couldn't stand by and see a valuable painting destroyed, and so he took it. He was commenting on how much it was worth. The fact that he didn't simply have Tony brushed out of the painting means that he wanted to keep Tony in there as a defense. In case Tony ever found out that Paulie kept the painting and got angry, Paulie could soften him up by showing him that he turned him into a War General.


why though

if paulie feels so much guilt, why would he decide to have the painting? wouldnt he rather not 'face' tony or have him 'watch' him every day and every night from his wall? there is a scene with paulie and the painting where the camera zoomes into tony's eyes and paulie's angry face. that shows the tension between the two. paulie is still i am sure somewhat mad over the ralphie incident and the money ralph never paid him so he is angry at tony because of that. that's what caused him to turn his back on tony. he is back in tony's arm again but it's now tony's turn to be angry. so i guess that scene in a way has a dark and sad hidden message. paulie's death.

about the old woman and paulie whackin her. oh come on guys, that's being way too much attention too. that was just business. these guys don care who they kill and tony does not know about it and there isnt many ways he'll find out about it. it's like the russian guy, as chase said, 'he is gone'. so i think the story with the old woman is much like the russian. we fuss too much over somethin that isnt relaly that very important.

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