More speculation

This probably doesn't belong in this thread, but I wonder if we're not missing a pretty obvious clue about what's going to happen to Tony at the end of this season.

In short, the bear. What do bears do when winter comes? They go into hibernation. The bear is such an obvious symbol of Tony (think of him all dressed up in hospital gear visiting his goomara after she fried herself), I think Tony is going to go into hiding, or hibernation, at the end of this season, and we may not know if he's dead or alive or cooperating with the feds. I also like the inside joke this would present -- Tony in hibernation as the series goes on hiatus for more than a year.

Just more idle musings....


Who is with Melfi?

As they walked through the Plaza lobby, Melfi (laughingly) says, "...that's so funny, Jill." So, I guess the other person is/was Jill.* Both women, stylishly dressed, carried identical shopping bags (gray with maroon zig-zag stripes), indicating a shopping foray on Fifth Avenue. I do not think that they were attending a professional CE seminar or conference, as these types of events are usually conducted at Marriotts, Sheratons, Omnis and the like. I was wondering if anyone recognized the logo or store design on the bags?

*I am thinking that Jill is a social colleague, as most shrinks tend to socialize with other mental health cohorts. But, I could very well be wrong...

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Re: More about the dream!

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Soda drink, I didn't realize when I first proposed this that getting made required the acquiesence of all 5 familys in NY. I thought this was something the Soprano family alone controlled for their own members, thus Tony S could unilaterally fulfill his promise to TB in Unidentified Black Males to get him "made". My error was pointed out to me in that thread, and that's why I qualified the theory above as "impossible".<hr></blockquote>

Well, FOMW, whatever you say/think has more merit and logical reasoning than some of these guys on this board (including myself) combined!


Uncle Junior

It will be interesting to see where he stands and what happens to him from hereon... any thoughts??

If Johnny went ahead to take down the Soprano family, how does that affect Junior since he was the boss and perhaps technically is still the boss of the family?


Re: The Test Dream ~ Review

The horse symbolizes Tony's life--his power, prominence, infidelity, immorality. As he rides it into the house and says he wants to come back, she says there are some non-negotiable he can't bring his horse in the house. Although a reasonable request, he can't believe it and questions why.

Also, did you notice that right before he goes to his room at the Plaza, he sees his therapist. Did this set his dream off?

What did it mean when Tony started losing his teeth? That he was getting old, and that another man would be taking care of his daughter?


Re: thing he has to do


I have analyzed just the "TITLES" for the 13 episodes of each season and it is amazing what you can glean from just this information; if of course you are as addicted to the show as everyone on this board is.

They all interlace with each other and give you a good idea what will happen in the future.

Have you performed this exercise as I am sure we would all have an interest in your take.


Re: The Test Dream ~ Review

re: "Bugsy" Refers to "Bugsy" Siegel, the famous gangster in Vegas that the movie was about. But the term Bugsy is a gangster term that means the following (from

"In gangster circles, the nickname "Bugsy" is often a term of endearment or honor. It is given out to those racketeers who show no fear in sticky situations or who are willing to step up to jobs that others are afraid to take."

Tony is working himself up to the big job, which others are afraid to take. Which is why Benning says, "there's something Bugsy" about him" I think the job is his flipping.


Re: The Test Dream ~ Review

Bugsy Siegel was shot dead by the mob in his California mansion, after it was determined that he and Virginia Hill, his mol, were skimming money from the NYC mobsters as they were building the first big hotel on the strip in LAs Vegas, the Flamingo,which is still in operation.

Perhaps this will be the fate of Tony S.

Remember that every time I try to get out:



Annette Bening (cont)

Here's one from left field: Other than acting, what is Bening best known for? She's the one who was able to finally get the king of the womanizers, Warren Beatty, who played Bugsy in the movie, to settle down and get married. Tony's subconscious might consider her the ideal woman -- the kind of woman who would make a man quit playing around. Compared to Carmela, who obviously isn't the ideal woman -- otherwise, Tony would have been happy with just her.


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