thing he has to do

Does anyone else out there think that the "thing" tony has to do is go back to carmella? i think the tony b hit is somewhat obvious yet not as much as go back to his wife....think of goodfellas quote in this (as i know how many of you have been talking about godfather, goodfellas ref's in this episode) deniro tells liotta "you gotta go back" after his wife go nuts...and personally i feel the obviously thing tony "has to do" is go back to his wife. why else would he end the episode with tony talking to carm on the phone at 530 am in a very "nice" tone, like a guy talks to a girl he is interested in (or interested in getting back together with)


I don't think so

I don't think so. Tony's going back to Carmela won't solve anything. Carmela was an enabler. She enabled Tony to lead the life he was leading. She was part of the problem. She is not the answer. If the storyline goes by Hamlet, then just as Hamlet knows he must kill King Claudius, Tony must kill Johnny Sack in the end. Or more generally, he must leave "the life" Allegorically, I think he has to confront the ghost of his father.



tony HAS to kill johnny sack (i agree, not tony b.), i think many of you are WAY too worried about this following a shakespearean theme. Why would Chase want to do that? Wouldn't that basically make him somewhat of a plagiarist/predictable?


Re: thing he has to do

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>Does anyone else out there think that the "thing" tony has to do is go back to carmella?<hr></blockquote>

Absolutely. I mentioned in a previous long post in this thread that when Melfi/Gloria ask if he's prepared to do what he has to do, she points to the screen that shows him riding in the back of his dad's car. Inside the car, Tony finally asks where they're going, and Ralph tells him they're "driving him to the job". Right after, the car is seen surreally pulling up to the Soprano house.

So Tony's first "job" in the dream is to take place in that house: to reconcile with Carmela. And note they do apparently leave together in a single car, after Tony has changed clothes (grown up a little) and lost a baby tooth, whereas Carm first said they would need separate cars. This may be (and probably will be) ultimately the only thing he DOES do that the dream is telling him to do.


Re: Annette Bening & Bugsy

Regarding Annette Bening, I wonder if she is, most simply, an actress that Tony admires and finds attractive.

Also, of course, she was in 'Bugsy,' which is about gangsters in Vegas. Actually, it's about how Las Vegas came to be. Some people are nostalgic about the old Vegas (The Rat Pack, etc.) that has been supplanted by a cleaner, more family-friendly tourist trap. Since Tony, as I see it, reveals a lot of nostalgia in the dream, perhaps the reference to 'Bugsy' is partly a yearning for the good ol' days.

"There's something Bugsy about him," sounded very odd to me. I wondered if it was a twist on another expression. Do people call others "buggy?" Maybe in Tony's mind he confused the two words, as he often does.

BTW, I had mentioned earlier somewhere that Bening was in another movie called 'In Dreams," where she has dreams of future child murders or abductions. (I haven't seen it in a while.) I think she also sees and meets the killer in her dreams. They may be lucid dreams. Anyway, I immediately thought of 'In Dreams' when Bening appeared in Tony's dream.


next season - finale

The way it should end... Tony flips and is in the witness protection program. Before he goes he leaves Carm with a load of cash.. and advises her to sell the house "downsize".
He loses a ton of weight has some plastic surgery.. lives quietly in a small town and is a football coach for a middle or high school.


Re: next season - finale

I don't think tony will RAT but everyone in his mafia family will be killed, in jail or in witness protection, Carmela marries someone else, Meadow marries Finn and AJ is killed. Season six concentrates on the government going after these guys.

The only unrealistic part of this wonderful show is whenever there is a murder, no one is ever pulled in for questioning, there are never any witnesses, no fingerprints, nothing, every crime cannot be perfect!!!

I believe he will flip out when Melfi is killed,by Sack and his family, she knows too much to be left alive

Tony will spend time in an insane asylum and then marry charmaine and become a football coach albeit with a losing record!!!!


annette bening

How about Annette's most recent famous role, in American Beauty? Perfectionist maternalism to the max, way worse than Carmela could ever be, yet Tony loves her....and if this movie doesn't expose heterosexual males in midlife crisis (sounds like Tony?) I don't know what does....

Or, it could just be Annette Bening for her own sake. Like David Lee Roth at the high stakes game. <img src= ALT=":)">


Re: Comments and questions

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I think the guy shooting at TS from a window in the alley was Lee Harvey Oswald. Just a funny pop cultural/historical reference. Tony would have lots of these stored in his head after watching the History Channel so much.<hr></blockquote>

You know, that's the same image that jumped into my head when I saw that too...


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