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chickoxl, numerous things, the ducks, the empty pool .etc Basically Tony is Christ like figure. He is surrounded by Disciples who believe in him, and among them in a Judas, and in the end he will be betrayed, and it will be up to him to save everyone. And Tony is not beyond saving, even if he is not beyond redemption. There is a price he must pay to save the family. The title song to the series starts, "your mama always said, you're one in a million, you're the chosen one" Think about it. Tony IS the Chosen One. The one to save his family.

See I think Tony is the only one of the characters who has the ability to change. Everyone else is set in their ways. His family has been corrupt for generations. Tony is the Saviour. He is The One. And he will save the family. But he has to die in the end. He has to be "crucified" He has to atone for the sins of his family.

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Re: ...

I thought this episode was hit and miss. I liked the structure, but the dream sequence was too long with a lot of filler just to get the episode to 50 minutes. John Heard singing Lionel Richie for 5 minutes was the kicker for me. I didn't get the signifigance of having certain old dead people around and not others. Maybe if it was just the ones Tony felt guilty over, but there was no Jackie Jr. and instead people whose deaths Tony had nothing to do with like Richie and Gigi.


Test Dream: My First Thoughts

I need to watch this episode again, but i enjoyed it alot. The dream sequence was pretty weird as they always are. A couple of subjects i'd like to see opinions on are:

1)I don't think Tony actually woke up during the episode.

2)What was the sugnificance of the teeth falling out?

3)COuld it have all been a dream? The scene with Tony in the hospital scrubs seemed unrealistic.


Re: Test Dream: My First Thoughts

Well 1st off I loved how the previews on screwed with our heads "While Tony's relationship HEATSup with Valentina."Very clever play on words there. HAHA
So much happend in that dream sequence -- I have to rewatch it to figure it all out.
Few things thou
1) When Gloria was the "psychiatrist" and they were in Melfi's office; she made a comment about coming at Tony with a fork like his mother, but was it me or didnt it sound like Melfi saying those lines???
2) ANNETTE BENNING. That may have been the biggest "shocker" guest on any Sopranos episode but it made it hilarious
3) At that dinner with Meadow and Finn and Finn's "Parents" at one point when Carmela is talking down at Finn, we see Finn and its no longer him but its A.J. -- I was wondering what everyone else thought about that? If there was any other symbolism other than the fact that he's the family screw-up.
IrishSopranoFan -- 1) I don't think the whole episode was a dream, and 2) why would Tony being in scrubs be unrealistic. He's obviously going to go to the Hospital too see Valentina and I'm pretty sure that for all burn victims scrubs have to be worn as a safety precausion . . .



i have to join with irish in wondering about the teeth. of all the signs in this dream, tony's teeth falling has me doing some deep thinking...
maybe just to signify tony's coming undone, or apart at the seams?


why was meeting finn's parents in the dream?

what I can't figure out is why he and carmela meeting finn's parents was in the dream. and why his teeth were falling out? and why he steps out of character behind the others backs to talk to annette benninrg "you're annette benning right?" at that point, he's not tony and she's not finn's mother. he's jim gandolfini and she's annette benning. very weird.


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