Who was Tony talking to on the phone, while Carmine watched from the bed? The voice that told him he had "something to do" and not to mess it up? I didn't recognize the voice, although it sounded familiar.



I would. Christopher is loyal, believe it or not.

No way he comes all the way out to NY to tell Tony that Tony B whacked Billy just to set Tony B up. It's way too dangerous, and it's not in his character...



"This episode was all about revealing to Tony that he's on the road to hell, and that he is running out of chances to right the ship."

I agree. I think this theme was punctuated in the dream sequence when Tony is in the car and his father is driving. His father is smoking and choking from it. His father died from emphysema, and I kind of got the impression that they were showing his father at a point where if he had changed his behavior (quit smoking) that his life would have taken a different path (his lungs might have gotten better and the emphysema might have been avoided).

Anyway, that's just the impression I got.



<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I kind of got the impression that they were showing his father at a point where if he had changed his behavior (quit smoking) that his life would have taken a different path (his lungs might have gotten better and the emphysema might have been avoided).<hr></blockquote>

That's it. That's the essence of the episode, and really the arc of the show. I mean, this show is about Tony Soprano, not about the mafia or a family or anything else. Those are just peripherals. Tony isn't the center of the show - he IS the show.

So far, the entire series has built up to Tony changing his ways. That's where th ducks factor in and his dreams and the issues with his mother and father and everything else he's gone through. It's almost like that joke where a man sits on a roof during a flood and prays to God to help him out. The man denies the help of boats floating by because he expects God to bail him out. Once the main dies, he sits in heaven and asks God why didn't help. God responds that he sent boats, and that the guy didn't realize that God was helping all along...

Tony is finally starting to see the signs around him, ones that we (the audience) have seen all along... The women and the killing and the greed and the selfishness - it's catching up. Hell, it's caught up. Tony finally sees this. He's always known n a way, but now he KNOWS.

Thing is, with the NY thing, who knows if Tony can change. Even if he was mentally and emotionally equipped to do so, the impending NY war will kill his chance. If anything, Tony will have to be more ruthless than ever now, to get through this...


tony wanted to be a football coach

In this episode, we learned in the dream that Tony really wanted to be a football coach. Obviously this guy who was his coach was quite influential to him. Now we understand why Tony took it so personally when Uncle Junior called him a lousy football player. And we know that AJ, in spite of the fact that he has fainting spells like his dad, is a good football player.

It makes sense, Tony is a born leader of men. He'd have made a good coach. But you don't get the idea that he's going to go into witness protection and be a coach somewhere. We are getting strong hints that he is going to die in the end.


Re: ...

I thought it was pretty clever.

I cant believe Valentina caught on fire. I was not expecting that. She is gonna be a mess for awhile.

Well Tony had his 3some with Charmaine and Artie finally in his dream.

Carm and Tony on the phone at the end. She was pretty nice to him, nicer than lately.

Annette Bening. That was clever her saying her Bugsy line since she was in Bugsy playing a mob moll Virginia HIll.

I liked seeing all the oldies too. It was kind of bland they way they were used. They seemed to round up everyone, even Pie-O-Mie.

Where was Tracy the stripper? Did I miss that part? I didn't even get up once to pee.....where was she?

Anyway.. I was really expecting a main character whacked tonight, not newbies from this season. It was good though. Anyway.......cannot wait til next week as it looks like its gonna get crazy...........

Also, what about that plaque Tony B. was given that said "Because Im the Boss, thats why." Im waiting for Tony S. to see that hangin' on the wall.

IM JUST SO BUMMED WE ONLY HAVE 2 EPISODES LEFT. THINKING ABOUT IT MAKES ME SO SAD. <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/frown.gif ALT=":("> <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/frown.gif ALT=":("> <img src=http://www.ezboard.com/images/emoticons/frown.gif ALT=":(">

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