Brilliant and strange episode. It's amazing how Tony B has just messed things up royally, and now it seems he's on the way out... Chris seems half happy about it, too ("poor guy's really fu%#ed")...

Interesting to see all the dead characters back again. Quite riveting scene, reminiscent of Season 3...



Fly, I cannot wait to see your analysis for this episode, especially after your essay on "Calling All Cars".

What an awesome episode. Annette Bening?! Carmine, Ralph, Pussy, Richie, Mikey, Vin, Gigi, but where was Jackie Jr? And Tracy (as seen on HBO.com)?

The mob war is officially now in effect, my only regret is we didn't get to see Tony B. whacking Billy Leotardo.



I love how they didn't show the whacking. I mean, how effective could it be? Finding out just when Tony S did was WAY more effective...

Amazing episode. One you'll have to watch four or five times to really grasp. A lot of stuff going on there. It was hard to tell dream from reality in some spots, especially the end. In certain frames, Carmela's hands looked purple and decayed (perhaps the effect of the dawn), and it was hard to tell if she was another "dead" body...

Just a brilliant episode.



What a great episode....enjoyed seeing puss ralph and gloria.

This has to instantly be my favorite of the season.A+

Funny how all these people complained how HBO.com and Chase messed up by putting the 2 preview pics up on their site and neither were actually in the episode.



The theme of the episode might be that Tony S finally knows what he has to do, and he's FINALLY willing to do it, but it's too late... Tony B whacking Billy Leotardo nails the coffin shut. Johnny Sack will be ALL OVER Tony. Nothing Tony can do but whack Tony B, and even that won't begin to undo the mess that's been caused.

My opinion? Chris gets whacked by the NY crew. What else could Johnny Sack do to get back at Tony than kill the person that means the most to him?

I think we'll see a lot of bloodshed next week.


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