Mikey Palmice would have lived if he just turned left

In the season 1 finale when Chris is chasing Mikey through the woods, there is a point before his tumble when he goes right instead of going left. If you pause it at the right moment, you can see they put in a single frame of Mikey turning to run the other way (mirror image). Perhaps in a parallel universe he went the other way and lived...
"All I can say is, that this, everything we see and experience, is not all there is." -Tony S. (season 6)

Just a fun observation. Also, this scene directly relates to season 3's Pine Barrens chase. In s1, Chris is relatively sober at this time and stays ahead of Paulie in the run. In Pine Barrens while chasing the Russian, Chris is affected by his life choices and manages to stumble and fall, himself. Paulie then surpasses Chris in the race, both literally and figuratively. If you watch the 2 scenes one after the other, you can see the editing similarities. Yet another example of Chris' steady decline.
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