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As I was watching "Blue Comet" last night I noticed something I hadn't before. In the scene where Paulie is talking about the hit on Phil in the Bing. As he is talking right smack dab in the middle of the screen in the background is the blue neon "Mens Room" sign (as in Mens room in the final scene of the show). Then when the scene changes, right in the same spot as the neon sign in the next shot is the "Cleaver" poster. Anyone else catch this. It seems like a very deliberate editing choice.
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Re: More Foreshadowing

Hi Sil, haven't seen you around these parts in ages.

Clearly another clue from Chase foreshadowing Tony's fate, with the blue neon light (like a comet perhaps) shining ominously.

The Cleaver motif is interesting as it suggest several themes. The movie was Christopher's brainchild. It was Carmella who alerted Tony after the movie was screened that it represented Christopher's vengence fantasy against Tony.

Christopher was Tony's surrogate son and heir apparent in the family. Tony of course killed Christopher when it became obvious that in his drugged out stupor following the car accident, he was a danger to his own child. Tony may have subconsciously killed Christopher out of self-preservation.

It has been suggested that Christopher was a father-figure to Tony as well. Did Tony see aspects of Johnny Boy in Christopher?

Interestingly the mysterious man in member's only jacket had a more than passing resemblence to Johnny Soprano. The son following the footsteps of the father, and the father following the son.

Chase did say that the meaning of final scene can be deduced from the entire season. Perhaps the whole series points to Tony's ultimate fate.
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