House of Cards

There is a reoccurring theme throughout the series with loud noises being heard throughout the house. Such as being able to hear AJ's music and him playing drums in Tony's bedroom. When Janice was living in the house, Carmela confronts her for having the music be too loud. When Tony was having the home theater installed, the music could be heard outside by Carmella; even when the doors were closed.

A house of that quality usually would be reasonably soundproofed. There was also an indication that the house isn't well insulated because of the high monthly utility bills and the number of air conditioners there are in the house. I think there are at least 4 of them, which seems excessive. Carmella complained about this in Season 5 when she was separated and had to pay the bills out of her allowance.

I think this might symbolize the frailty of the Soprano family. On the outside the house appears to be built like a castle, but when you start to investigate you see that there are problems.

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Interesting take. It also plays into the final season when Tony makes it a point to say Carmela's father built their home, "and it's just fine". At the same time she's building a house with her father that she's quite certain is going to fall in around it's occupents

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You're right. The whole reason Tony had to lean on the building inspector is because Hugh used a type of wood that hasn't been rated to be used in housing construction in something like twenty years. The inspector actually chides him for it and mentions how unstable it can be. And keeping with the theme of "take the easy way out" Carmela decides to get Tony to simply beat up the inspector rather than take the extra time and money to rebuild. Funny how she kept seeing that spec house as "her project" when it would never have happened without the $600,000 Tony gave her for the lot, and then she needed him when ever things got too difficult. In the end, she was only able to practically give it away to her cousin Brian, his wife and their newborn. And something tells me she and Hugh never disclosed to Brian that the house could conceivably collapse on them, which is why Tony used that fact against Carmela during their fight in "Chasing It".
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