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dsweeney wrote:Something occurs to me on this point as well. It's because Bobby is playing with his trains that Tony ends up looking after Junior and getting shot! Janice scorns him saying "did you have to wear the FUCKIN' HAT"?

The train playing was, in my opinion, a strange thing to add in at that point. Bobby had been a main character for some years. Why, all of a sudden, was he given a life time obsession with toy trains?

Just seems odd to give him this at such a late stage.

Re: Motorcycle Emptiness

For a large part of the show Bobby was just Junior's driver and "minder". We didn't see much if any of his home life. His first real developement as a character was with the tragic death of his beloved Karen. And after that I'd say he thought he'd never play with his trains again. Don't forget there is a large gap between series 5 and 6. We don't even see Bobby and Janice marry or the birth of little Nika. So not seeing his hobby until now isn't that surprising but it is a little jarring, you're right. However there is a little scene that I think covers them on this point. Bobby wants to play with the trains but Bobby Jr. is going out to his friends house instead. Bobby tries to persuade him saying something about how they could crash them, "like we used to" sort of thing, can't remember the quote but is serves to give the whole train-set story "background" and implies the trains have been a part of their lives for years, which we didn't see of course. It's actually a very touching scene in hind-sight because little does he know but this is the last chance Bobby Jr. will ever get to play trains with his dad. A lesson in there folks.

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