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Has anyone noticed how Chris's apartment seems like it has no windows or sunlight? Almost like there's a wall behind all of his windows, it makes it very dark and claustrophobic.

It reminds me of the episode where he's doing that promotion ritual, and being high he sees a falcon or some scavenger bird in the windowsill with a very bright light shining in. Is this a symbolic figure similar to Tony's ducks? But the ducks were together, they were a family. The type of bird Chris saw was the loner type - they live solitary and only join together to feed off of dead animals and stuff like that (or kill, I'm still not sure what kind of bird it was).

Maybe that window was his only opportunity to escape the mob, and that intimidating bird, representing the Family (and even his heroin addiction) is keeping him trapped inside. Maybe the bird also shows how Chris doesn't really have support from the Family. Then the bird disappears. It was just a hallucination after all. Maybe that hallucination just represents an illusion that he's trapped, and that he really does have a chance to get out of the life of crime and drug addiction. Also I'm trying to remember, I'm pretty sure that room he was in was very dark, like his apartment.

Back to his apartment.... Chris has had this place throughout the whole show (I think.. I'm up to season 5 and only seen a few eps of s6). That fish tank.. I read the topic about fish and how they represent the dead. Could the fish tank be foreshadowing his and Adrianna's death all along? And the dark apartment - no hope for the future. No window out for him or Adrianna. It seems like maybe they've both been doomed all along, from what the apartment tells me.

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I never really thought about Chris' apartment beyond the surface attributes: it's unadorned, a little messy, dark and dank-looking (as you pointed out), with that black leather couch looking like a bachelor's version of a "cool" sofa. I always thought of it as reflecting his "young man's" lifestyle. He's not big into what his place looks like because he spends so little time there and has no wife or family to help keep it up. But you make some interesting points.:icon_wink:
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

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I think it is intentionally bare, though.

He does state, in season 1, I think, that he travels light, so he can make a quick getaway.

I think it has windows high above the sofa, but you're right, it is a very dark apartment.

It's highly contrasting the house he buys later on, which is reminiscent of the Soprano household.

As for the when he is Made, I've never thought about the connection between that and his apartment.

I think he saw a magpie, although I can't remember, I just know that a lone magpie is bad luck, and he felt as though his being Made was subsequently cursed - which it was!

I don't think you can link it into Tony and his ducks, as they represent very different things. The duck clearly represented family life, perhaps the uncomplicated family life that Tony desired. Their flying away almost mirrored the way that Meadow and AJ were 'flying away', something that deeply hurt Tony, and showed us that he isn't just this big bad gangster, he does have the same feelings that most people do.

You do make some great links though, I liked the angle of the solitary bird representing effectively a lone wolf in the Family. He has their support, but ultimately, each and everyone of them would screw him over to beef up their own envelopes - as was demonstarted when Paulie 'gifted' Chris with the sports betting, which subsequently meant he had to work his balls off, robbing schools and such like just to get him out of debt. He was making more unMade than Made at that point.

Obvioulsy this later changed, as he progressed.

Excellent points of discussion, though.

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Wasn't the bird a Raven? The Raven is most commonly associated with Death, is it not? I thought the Raven simply symbolized Chris's ultimate demise and essentially one of the final nails in the coffin. He had several chances and "breakthroughs" to start a new life, but we the viewer were never really given the impression that he would ever get away from the life. I think he felt the same way, he never took it seriously that he could actually do something else. His movie aspirations for instance; In the first few seasons it seemed to me that Chris wanted to write a story about his "life" and experiences, but he just couldn't get it out, and of course when he was confronted with his true feelings and emotions (which would of most certainly helped him write) he backed off and hid from it. Chris was always somewhat narrow minded, I wouldn't say dumb or dimwitted, just severely cut off from his emotions and of course... immature. The acting for writers scenes and the Jon Favreau scenes come to mind.

So what happened to his movie script and his dreams? They were essentially scraped in favor of a cheap "Saw" cash in. The easy way out. Chris throughout the season never truly grew up, his NDE, his drug abuse, his family and friends staging an intervention, Adriana's Death, his new wife (which he rushed into) etc etc... never ultimately focused him on the right path and to grow up. Chris simply never stood up to himself, he seemed to try and quit the drugs throughout season 5+6 (and his so-called friends weren't exactly helpful or supporting). But of course he ultimately failed.

But I think that maybe I'm too harsh on him. He had a drunk of a mother, a druggie as a father, and was in the mob life from the get go. But what about Tony? you ask. Well in the earlier seasons it appeared that Tony truly loved him and wanted to help him. But was Tony just "helping" to try and get the shit sorted and less of his plate, or did he really care for Chris? Kennedy and Heidi might of answered that question. No matter which way you put it, the story of Christopher Moltisanti is a tragic one. A combination of a bad up bringing, a bad lifestyle, bad friends and of course his own inhibition to get on with life.

The apartment does appear to be a great symbol for Chris: Dark, Cluttered and Cut off from the world. Good catch Southy.
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