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badabellisima wrote:Well, i think that Chase is attempting something far grander than depicting "well-known NDE cliches". These experiences are very real, and go beyond cliche or caricature.

bada, I was writing hurriedly and probably didn't choose my words carefully enough. I did not intend to use "cliche" in a pejorative fashion at all but simply to convey the fact that going toward/becoming part of a "white light" and "life flashing before you/seeing deceased love ones" are almost universally-recognized aspects of NDEs, as your own experience reflects in part. So I meant "cliche" as in "extremely common," and it is precisely the universality and commonality of these elements that convinces me that going into that house would have meant physical death for Tony and that the woman on the porch and Steve Buscemi were there to represent Tony's deceased family, despite Buscemi's credit as "man". Without either or both of those elements being so widely reported by those who've had NDEs, I'm not sure an intelligent interpretation of that scene at the Inn is even possible.

So I just wanted to clarify that in case it seemed that I was in any way trivializing NDEs themselves. Quite the opposite. They absolutely fascinate me and are, I think, a major piece of the puzzle for anyone still trying to figure out if there is such a thing called a "soul".:icon_wink:

ETA: I also think Chase's rendition of this experience were absolutely brilliant from a dramatic standpoint. I still rank Join the Club/Mayham (at least in the NDE parts) as among the very top few hours of material in the history of the show. Along with Test Dream, those episodes definitely attain the highest quotient of both intellectual and emotional stimulation of anything I've ever watched, big screen or small.
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Re: Kennedy and Heidi dream theory

oops- so sorry if it sounded like i thought you were perjorative- not the case! :icon_biggrin:. i quite agree about the quality presentation of the NDE scenes- a very difficult thing to do well. Even with having one degree in Art, i haven't been able to depict to my satisfaction (in paint) what i experienced -- at least so far. i even tried holograms! Beyond difficult! I need, and am seeking, a new medium. Interesting that Tony's view to the porch and entrance to the house was up some stairs and towards the right. i think i have read that other NDE'ers experienced an upward, rightward-spiraled tunnel or path, as did i.

Season 6a + 6b Sun\light\solar metaphors

We recognize that in Season 6a + b there was symbolism abounding around the Sun, solar, and light\dark in relationship to Tony. Post any thoughts, analogies, new finds, theories, and rants here!
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Re: Season 6a + 6b Sun\light\solar metaphors

Oh yes- wind and how 'bout weather- for sure. Per my latest lonely post in the scene-by-scene analysis thread about the windy burial for Bobby, i'm thinking wind deserves more review: For example, in hebrew, the word for wind (ruach) also is the word for 'spirit'- i think its meant to be in the positive sense of a good spirit, or that the spirit moves thru without it's own 'visible' presence, but leaves visible evidence of its passage (fluttering leaves, torn off roofs, cold ears, kites and caps flying...). It causes change.

On the other hand, in Soprano-world, its so much used typically to convey an ominous feel; ie, Tony waiting in the Steinholz van with Paulie, safe inside, then cutting right thru bitter-cold blizzardy wind to get to Agent Harris' car. It made the fact that they were inside the vehicles even more pointedly a safe-haven: Inside versus Outside. Then the Baccalieri tombstone with blustery wind sounds, everyone exposed to the Outside world, away from safe haven. Then leading into the elegant Vivaldi violin music at the wake, which as i posted elsewhere, has lyrics (unheard) that heavily rely on the symbolism of the different competing wind types: cold strong wind from the north, clashing/colliding with summer breeze/wind from the south, etc. Without the wind sounds and symbolism, some of those scenes would be barren, less communicative of, imo, Chase's intent.

Re: Season 6a + 6b Sun\light\solar metaphors

I am currently rewatching 6a and 6b (4 episodes a night!!), and the presence of wind has really struck me much more watching this time. It is present in many many episodes, the one where I forget his name, the guy who was selling barone got knee capped by Paulie when he was out rowing, and the scene immediately prior had wind as well. There was also wind associated with Paulie's cancer diagnosis, in sopranos home movies etc etc. IMO, the wind is probably the most important symbolism of 6a and 6b. Mind you, I have only just noticed this time round a lot of the extra symbolism. One that I hadn't picked up was the ducks quacking immediately prior to the asphestos being dumped in the water.

I will watch the final episode in the next couple of days Badabell, so I can hopefully help out with the analysis then. I am up to the second coming.

Re: Season 6a + 6b Sun\light\solar metaphors

Okay- sorry! Sounds like wind needs it's own thread.. Maybe DH/Fly can move our posts...Along with all the 'light' posts we put over in the Symbolism/Heidi-Kennedy dream theory thread?

Anyway, i've been thinking about Meadow reminding AJ about the connection of White, not just Black, to death. imo, Chase often uses Meadow as the expressed conscience of the family, more successfully challenging, or at least questioning, the traditions and hypocrisies of her parents and their lifestyle; while AJ is still taking his sweet time to grow up, mostly stranded at the 'angry young man' stage, having a hard time focusing his energy usefully. She would naturally think that there is more than one way to interpret the symbolism of Black = Death, whereas AJ is more the classic youthful tunnel vision newbie who needs to be reminded to think about alternative interpretations; that with wisdom, life isn’t so black & white, but has grey areas as well. And its okay to not always understand them! :smile:

Re: Season 6a + 6b Sun\light\solar metaphors

Okay, you folks have probably noticed that I moved a number of posts from the Kennedy and Heidi Dream Theory thread here. The forum automatically orders thread posts by date posted, so silvio's topic starter post appears on page 4, I think. Anyway, this is the place to continue discussion of the meaning of the solar/light/cosmos angles to seasons 6a & b. To continue discussing the K&H dream issues that started the thread, go here:
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Season 6a + 6b Solar System/Light Metaphors

After reading this thread I felt compelled to share a link that I stumbled across last month; it's a brain scientist's personal analysis of her own stroke and near death experience. Please move this post if it's too off-topic, but with all the talk of NDEs I think that many here would appreciate the account, especially her remarks concerning the loss of identity.

Just listening to her talk about losing "37 years of emotional baggage" instantly brought to mind Tony B attempting to take away T/Finnerty's briefcase. The entire concept of "letting go" is both so terrifying and irrestibably appealing to my brain that I can't help but be intrigued by the thought, making it probably the largest reason why Season 6ab (specifically the coma sequence & Vegas trip) resonates so personally with me. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

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