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You know what else is a strange coincidence? AJ tries to commit suicide by drowning (suffocating) and is saved by Tony, Chris is drowning in his blood and is killed by Tony through suffocation. Given all the parallels between the two discovered here I thought it was noteworthy. They say it's the least painful way to die.......
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Re: Christopher - Full Circle

I've only recently joined so if you already discussed some of my posts forgive me.I like the way minutes before his death Christopher is listening to the soundtrack of "The Departed" which he describes as "killer"! Scumbag as he is I find it hard not to have a little sympathy for him.He had a pretty miserable childhood and he really is one of the least intelligent characters in the show so it's hard to see how he could turn out any other way.

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dsweeney..I agree that Christopher was not the most intelligent soldier in Tony's crew, but I would argue that up until Season 6, Chrissy was one of the more loyal associates to Tony. I think thats why Tony favored him for a good part of the series.
I think Tony is as much as fault with Chris' demise. Tony was Christophers father figure throughout the series..and Tony was well aware how important Christopher was to him and vice versa.
But once Chris slept with the real estate agent..Tony abandoned him. Rather than support Chris living a clean and sober life..Tony mocked him and thought Chris lost his drive to succeed within the mafia family. At that point, Chris tried to get back onto Tony's bus..(by drinking and hanging with the guys) but at that point it was to late. Tony was not letting him back on period!

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There's also the fact that, at the time of Christopher's death, he's driving Tony while wearing a baseball cap (with the Cleaver logo), just as he did the very first time we see him.

One of my favorite scenes (or group of scenes) from the first season is in "The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti" when Christopher is depressed over not being recognized, feels he has no identity and, most importantly, that "nothin' good will ever happen to me". He asks both Paulie and Pussy, "Where's my arc?"

Thing is, Christopher really didn't have a traditional story arc, which I thought was brilliant. Your normal arc (I'm going to get tired of typing that) would dictate Chris would finally overcome his addictions for good, or take Tony out, or something like that. Instead he just remained a drug addict, got worse, then Tony killed him.

You know who had an arc/k? Noah. Know who didn't?
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conkom, its interesting that you put it that way that the arc is part of the full circle of Christopher. In Mathematics an arc is an inverse function where if the function is a set from A to B, the inverse would be set from B to A, eventually the composition brings the function full circle, bringing each variable of the initial set back to itself. In other words full circle. Christophers drug use in the begining of the series becomes the inverse of itself by him being sober, then dies after he begins his drug use again, full circle. I don't know if this makes any sense to anyone else.
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