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Just wanted to add that I definitely found a significant amount of “3s” in the series, most of which have already been mentioned. The amount of 3s in the Holsten's scene is overwhelming. The 3 o'clock mention by Christopher in season two also always stood out to me as meaningful.
On a side not, I always found it interesting that while the number 3 is heavily significant in The Sopranos, Six Feet Under also mentions the number 3 in a season three episode. Nate is told by Lisa on the phone that “the number 3 is not important.” That line stuck with me for the rest of the series.

Re: The Number "3"

In the Sopranos chapter in Alan Sepinwall's new book, we have this provocative bit of info...

Chase tells me that one of the other songs he considered in lieu of Journey was Al Green's "Love and Happiness," particularly for the verse that goes, "Something's going wrong, someone's on the phone, three o'clock in the morning."

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The term 3 o'clock has been thrown mentioned as a warning to Paulie & Tony in the 2nd season and referenced here and there throughout the series. 3 o'clock has been thought to be meaning time when I think it means military designation for positioning. The man in members only jacket would come out of the restroom from Tony's 3 o'clock position.
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